Workspaces and Multi-Monitor not working

Hi all,
I use a couple of displays together with two matrix multi-monitor-cards.
Unfortunately the workspaces of cubase do not work correctly. Whatever window setting I save, upon the next start of cubase the positioning of the windows is not remembered. Selecting the correct Workspace also does not solve this. So I have to manually position all the windows again each time I open cubase.
the bug is old. IS there any cure?


Unfortunately this is an old bug. Unfortunately it hasn’t been fixed yet.

Thank you Martin for the clarification.
Disappointing but well, at least I do know what to expect now

Thx again! :slight_smile:

Using saved workspace configurations works fine on my 4 monitor setup. I have them linked to a short cut and the windows all return to the exact locations I saved them in as I switch workspaces. This works with both Cubase 10 and 9.5 on Windows 10 Home and Pro. Most of my windows are maximized, but VSTi when open/closed all return to their last location as well.

Your signature suggests you are using Windows 7. Perhaps the issue is the interaction with Windows 7 which by comparison with Windows 10 has horrid multiple monitor support. Similarly the display drivers will have an impact. Implementation of this feature will require interaction with the Host OS and window management.