Workspaces and Multiple Monitors


I’ve searched these forums, and the internet in general, and found some references to the issues I’ve been having - but I haven’t really read anything concrete that either gives me a solution or reassures me that Steinberg are aware of the issue. I have three monitors, and in Cubase, I like to use the two main monitors for the Mix Console and the Project Window. These two monitors are positioned one above the other.

I have set up two Global Workspaces - Workspace 1 with the Mix Console on the lower monitor (Display 1) and the Project Window on the upper monitor (Display 2), and Workspace 2 with the windows the other way around. Unfortunately, selecting these Workspaces produces varied results.

  • Sometimes both windows appear one behind the other on the lower monitor.

  • Sometimes I have to press the shortcut keys several times to make the correct layout appear (and even then, the displayed layout is generally the reverse of the saved Workspace).

  • Every time I select a Workspace, there is a brief shuffling of various minimised versions of the windows on screen, before Cubase settles on its apparently random layout - which is unpleasent to look at, and not the behaviour you would expect from such a top-flight piece of software.

  • Often, when I re-open Cubase - the layout has reverted to both windows on the lower monitor.

  • When I introduce my three saved Mix Console Configurations into the mix, it confuses things even more.

Having only recently started using this set up, since buying an ultra-wide monitor, I was looking forward to a greatly enhanced experience with Cubase, so this stumbling block is a bit of a disappointment. On the whole - Cubase 10 on an ultra-wide monitor is fantastic, so I hope this issue can be sorted at some point - or that someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong.

Intel Core i5-4579 CPU @ 3.20
NVidia GeForce 710
Cubase 10.0.5
Windows 10

I’m also having workspace issues. Using just ONE ultra-wide monitor, windows do not retain their size when switching. One of the several reasons I’m still on Cubase 10…

So, I take it that this issue is very much on the back-burner, as far as bug fixes go then. Real shame that. I surely can’t be alone in finding this a big problem.