workspaces and show and hiding tracks settings

Evening again need some help with workspaces and show and hiding tracks settings, i make the ones i need save them the they randomly change on there own here a video of what i mean thsi one has got me beat so far without having these setups its just way to slow to use switching and having to keep rezizing thanks in advance again.

Gave up, only managed to save track show and hide. Seems impossible to sync workspace to them without random windows settings

I feel your pain. Workspaces is such a great idea… and is about 85% there (was 90% there before N6, and then took a step backward). Tantalizingly good as a feature as promised, but for practical purposes a pain in the rear. I keep hoping they’ll update it for consistency (see my threads over the years about windows losing their track assignments when switching workspaces).


Workspaces do not work properly, never have and probably never will.

It was a waste of development time and from the users’ point of view a waste of time trying to get it working.

We’ve complained many times over the years about this, even sending Steinberg test files to make it easier to debug, but nothing has been done.

It’s a now familiar pattern. VCA faders and Direct Offline Processing are good recent examples. Great words to use to tempt users to pay more money, but it turns out that they are under-developed, buggy and take years to fix and sometimes never get fixed.

Dam, I really want to move away from pro tools but there are a few stumbling blocks ie RX workflow is terrible even in N8 compared to PT, offline processing is clunky, alitieverb won’t work in it or speakerphone. Really need a smart tool for editing clip gaIn as in PT. So close I still jump between them depending on if I have to collaborate or not. So close though