workspaces change even when locked

Hello all, my first time on the Cubase forum. I hope you can help me.

My problem is with the work spaces. In a new project I create a work space and open e.g. a key editor of the piano then I lock the work space and then create a new one with the key editor of e.g. a violin and lock that one too. When I go back to the previous workspace there the key editor of the piano has changed to the one of the violin. It does not matter how many workspaces I create they always have the same last opened window.
Also when I want to have e.g. two key editors in one screen I open a key editor and then I try a second but the second always opens in the screen of the first one so I don’t manage to have two on top of each for comparison.

Does anyone have the same problem? Is it a Windows setting (Win7 64) or something I overlook in Cubase (5 &6)? I read the manual but cannot find anything except the basics of work spaces.

Hope you can help me.Thanks in advance.


I don’t konw if this helps, but I ran into a similar issue when first using workspaces. The term “locked” in this context really means “write protected”. All that locking does is prevent you from saving over the top of it.

Locking will not ‘anchor’ windows etc.

If I"m following you, that’s what you’re running into? You “lock” them and yet they still move around.

I think if you simply go back to the menu and re-select the workspace you want, everything should jump back like you want it.

Dunno if this helps. Hope so. If not, feel free to PM and I’ll dig a little deeper on it.

and welcome to the forums!