Workspaces FR: Export/Import project workspaces in totality

there should be a way to Export/Import project workspaces in totality. I have my desktop workspaces for a big screen, but I also have workspaces dedicated for my laptop.

If I move a desktop project to my laptop to work on it while travel, I have to deal with all the workspaces not being compatible.


Use the Global Workspaces, please.

Hi no can do, there are some downsides to your suggestion.

First of all, my Workspaces are specific to and differentiate between my project templates.

Secondly, Global Workspaces hog the shortcut keys away from Project Workspaces

Third, much prefer the idea of my Workspaces being saved with my projects, because often the Workpsaces are modified/tailored to each project.


Do I understand you right, you would like to be able to export/import the Workspaces from/to one project to another project at one system, right?

yes, the Project Workspaces though