Workspaces: Improved Name Search for Workspace | Optional Search Bar in Top Zone Utilities

I was a late comer to really devotedly utilizing Workspaces in my day to day, minute to minute work. They are fantastic. I am constantly flying around with them on their keybinds with my 1-9numpad.

I think, from what I see, there should be more promotion of them and more people should use them.

The idea(s)

Workspaces currently has a function where you can cue a timed pop-up search to enter a number which will call in a workspace beyond my 1-9. So I can cue search an type in 37, and it would call in whatever Workspace is 37.

This should remain

What should be added, is the ability to search by name so that I can search for example “GrooveAg…”

And it would bring up
GrooveAgent-01 Small
GrooveAgent-02 Large
GrooveAgent-03 Side Mon
GrooveAgent-04 Full

Hitting ‘Enter’ on my keyboard would select whatever is the top most/exact result which is auto-cued for enter-selection, or I could use my arrow keys to navigate down the list and hit enter.

The second part of this idea is, this Workspace filter-search could be pinned to the top zone utilities bar

Can click in the search field right on the bar, or click the arrow for pop-out menu (with an option to perma-float workspace window)