Workspaces Improvements (and issues) - multi-point thread

1.)New ‘Add Workspace’>‘Inclusions’ feature - More robust integration with various elements of the program (for example: Individual Mixer Visibility Configs, Mixer Racks, Mixer Window Layout Utilities such as ‘Track Pictures’ and ‘EQ Curve’)

See details in dedicated thread:
‘Add New Workspace’ optional inclusions: MixConsole1 Vis Config, MixConsole2 Vis Config, Project Vis Config, MediaBay directory, etc - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

2.) Workspace Name Search (Similar to ‘Workspace X’ protocol but instead searches most relevant name utilizing auto-filter reduction search list, user presses ‘Enter’ when the correct workspace has been found)
Makes much more sense than having the user try to remember ‘Workspace X’ numbers.
See details in dedicated thread: (notably, see the workspace toolbar thread)
Workspaces: Improved Name Search for Workspace | Optional Search Bar in Top Zone Utilities - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

3.) Window Locking - This would allow a user to say, lock a VSTi they have up on the screen while changing workspaces. It will remain locked until either A.) they close the window, or b.) unlock it. Feature provided next to ‘Always ontop option’
Feature Request: Workspaces: Individual Window Locking - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

4.) Workspace List in the Right Zone
Feature Request: ‘Workspaces’ list in the right zone as a new tab - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

5.)(Issue/Poor Design) Workspace Organizer is buggy, oddly designed
Workspace Organizer - buggy/odd behaviours - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

6.)Screen/Resolution detection, ie Windows sized on a different resolution side-screen-monitor, won’t translate to my other screen
Am I correct in finding that Workspaces do not recall window sizing properly across different resolution screens? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

7.)(issue) Workspaces don’t always complete their transition/load (this seems to be a problem primarily with plugins, where I have to activate a workspace twice to get all the plugins to properly pop up/move. Some plugins do, some don’t - it’s random and intermittent.
Issue: Workspaces don’t always complete their transition - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

8.) (issue/bad design) Workspace Organizer doesn’t provide us with numbered Workspaces to know what to type into ‘Workspace X’ caller.
Workspaces Organizer doesn’t number the Workspaces when we’re expected to ‘Workspace X’ enter numbers beyond 9 - Cubase - Steinberg Forums


Also really,

there should be a way to ‘Export’ and ‘Import’ project workspaces files/presets. And to also ‘Import Workspaces From Project…’ (just like Import Tracks From Project)

The only method of doing this, is to resave all the project workspaces as Global Workspaces

and now thinking about this, there should also be an easy way to switch a Project Workspace to Global Workspace and vicevera.

There’s also no multi-selection of workspaces for deletion (or for carrying out the above actions if they were implemented)

edit 2

And another improvement related to workspaces

I use workspaces a lot, and some of my workspaces have windows stacked on top of one another so that two windows are hidden behind a Window that is in the front.

Currently, I think only the Project Window has a ‘Bring to Front’ command… which leaves a desire for other windows to have the same functionality.

The way the Window toggles currently work if they are behind another window… is they will close first, then re-open, and when they re-open they are now in front.

I would rather that, if a window is already open, and it is not focused… hitting that windows key command will bring it to the front instead of closing it. And therefore, if a user wants to close a background window… they will have to first bring it to the front, and then hit the command again to close it.

This makes much more sense to me.


-Workspace window can’t be resized
-No way for user to dictate whether Global hogs key commands or bypasses them and vice versa.

Another ‘Inclusions’ option for workspaces

should be Tool Bar and Transport setups.

If I shrink my project window for a certain workspace to a point where my regular toolbar does not fit, I should be able to alter the toolbar setup/transport icons and utilities for that workspace!

Also something that should just be included by default

Is the open/close state of VST Instruments window Quick Controls and also the scroll position in relation to the window size when it’s saved to workspace.

This way, people can quickly access quick controls of a particular VSTi that is part of a workspace.

Kontakt 6 resizing not recalled by Workspaces

Another thing,

there should be a way to Export/Import project workspaces in totality. I have my desktop workspaces for a big screen, but I also have workspaces dedicated for my laptop.

If I move a desktop project to my laptop to work on it while travel, I have to deal with all the workspaces not being compatible.