Workspaces: Key/Drum editors don't re-size?

In another post here I was reminded as to why I don’t use workspaces, but maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Cubase 7.5 on Windows 7 64 bit. (but I think it is the same with any PC version)
Workspaces do not appear to recall the size of the drum or key edit windows? I have not checked this issue for any other windows inside what I call the the "Cubase shel"l other than drum and key edit windows.

In my situation I have 4 monitors, but I don’t think that should matter with this problem. I’ll use an example with just 2 of my 4 monitors. Editors are checked LINKED in the preferences.

My default workspace would be the project page taking up monitor 3, and when double clicking, the key edit window opening up fully in monitor 4. Or with an assigned drum map, opening the drum editor and the drum edit window opening up fully in monitor 4.

So I wanted to create a workspace where I have the key edit window taking up half the upper space of monitor 4 and the drum edit window taking up half of the lower space of monitor 4. This workspace can be handy when for example having midi bass in the key edit, and midi drums in the drum edit, lined, zoomed, and cycle ON…to compare and contrast drum and bass issues.

I save this workspace and name it workspace 2.

Now I go back to my default workspace. When I open the key editor, the key editor opens in monitor 4 but it is still sized only in the upper half of monitor 4, with nothing showing in the lower half of monitor 4. In other words it never re-sized itself as it originally was when saved in the default workspace. If I open the drum editor, it opens only the lower half with nothing in the upper half…again not re-sizing.

I have messed around with locking and global modes with no luck. Am I doing something wrong, is this a bug and if so has this been turned in to Steinberg?

Nevermind workspaces, the project itself does not remember how you last left the Key Editor or Drum Map windows.

Until that happens, there’s no way that Workspaces will recall anything.

Note that after deleting preferences or on a fresh install of Cubase that specified views of Key Edit and Drum Mapped windows are maintained, which for me are irrelevant to my “workflow” eg. you cannot see the note names in Key Edit and possibly in the drum map the diamonds could be smaller by default.

For me project does remember how I last left the key or drum editors.

For example create a midi part…even blank in the project page. Then open the key editor and make the size of the key editor smaller, and even position that smaller editor anywhere in monitor 4. Save the project. Re-open that project. Double click on the part in the project page and the key editor opens just like I had saved it.

There is no problem with that at all…it’s just when changing workspaces, the editors don’t re-position or resize themselves.

Maybe I’m not understanding you and an example of how it doesn’t work might help?


When you delete preferences, that customisation is gone.

What I am suggesting is to have Cubase firstly, default to a more “meaningful” situation in this regard, that is to show the note names rather than not, and possibly as a second enhancement, have the diamonds on the small view (instead).

This would at least give us what I see as a better starting point, then next we could have those settings remembered in the project and later as part of a Workspace.

It’s been a while since I have actually had to trash the preferences. Now I have probably jinxed myself. :laughing:

What happens if you trash preferences, then open a project that you had saved prior to trashing preferences (instead of the Cubase default project) that you created where everything was the way you like it? Does that project that you saved not remember the editor settings?

If the editor/size setting are not saved with the project then could you move that Cubase preference file out of the folder to the desktop, then trash preferences, then move that file back to it’s proper place and start Cubase?

This is confusing territory for me, but I’ll assume
Workspaces do not recall the size of the drum or key edit windows.

If anyone can get this to work, I would like to know. If not I’ll turn it in here and do the tech support thing.

There is not much in Cubase that I personally need to have remembered on a non-project by project basis.

Strange things can happen, for example Solo/mute behavior as it applies to regular MIDI and drum-mapped tracks in versions pre 7.0; preference removal did not effect but a patch along the way (7.0.5 I believe) was meant to rectify this but alas preference removal brought back the default Cubase 7 workflow loss/gain.

All I am suggesting is that SB either restore the former behavior or give a choice as to how it works, while allowing customization of the Drum Map and/or Key Editor to be saved in the project file.

Hi Rhino,

I believe what you are saying would benefit all users of Cubase/Nuendo but as with most things, there is always a clamour to be heard above the next guy about how important your personal work flow situation is and why.

Due to my using Cubase exclusively for MIDI composition, I personally now cannot live without chord recognition, so I tend to embrace whatever SB does, as it should be and am happy to be a part of anything new that they conjour.

As to the Safe Mode, it was quite ingenious a feature, but so was the “choose ASIO driver” after fresh installation/preference delete as well :slight_smile:

Even a newbie such as myself can recall Chris B. saying there would NEVER be a feature like that in Cubase.

SB do offer EDU discounts, so my mileage does vary :slight_smile:

I must give credit where due, Steiny have done a good thing with the paid update post stable release scenario.

I’m monitoring the 7.5.20 threads to see if anything is addressed in terms of my workflow and if there are new features/fixes, I will either update or wait for the next whole-numbers (C8) version.

I know we’d all like more options but when I see a thread requesting enhancements to workspaces, being the avid preference deleter that I am (each and every update a full removal, and clean install on new OS) I will analyse what the program actually offers by default, in this case sweet FA.

I guess I will turn this in as an issue, and send a support “ticket.” I would think they already know about it, but maybe not. The whole concept of Workspaces is customizing how you work by what you see.

So: Workspaces, at least with edit and drum windows, do not appear to recall the size of the drum and/or key edit windows when switching back to the default workspace.

Thanks Sycophant & Rhino.

I think it’s important to explain that you can switch from WS to another WS and they all size just like they should.

The issue is when double clicking a part from the project page the key editor opens the last sized editor that was opened from the WS…in my example, my last WS was the key editor in the upper half of the monitor and drum editor in the lower half of the monitor. So now if I delete either or both editors, then double click a part in the project page, the key editor will show up in the upper half of the monitor when I would want it to take up the full monitor.

As far as the Key & Drum editor issue maybe you can turn that one in? It’s really a different issue right? You have “link editors” checked in the preferences. But what is the state of the Independent Track Loop buttons in both the Drum and Key edit windows?