workspaces on Mac, a problem

I’ve created workspaces on C 6 like I did with C 5 + key shotcuts. All work well but the one in which the project window is in the dock: if I call back ‘Main’ (with the Project window) i just get the transport panel.

A friend of mine has the same kind of DAW (OS X.6) and the same problem. It doesn’t occur in Cubase 5, just in C 6.

Any advice will be much appreciated.



Hi Edmond,

Sorry you’re having difficulties, I’d like to help. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “in the dock”?

Is that a workspace in which the project window is ‘minimized’? (neat idea BTW).

If not, please provide a little more descriptive detail, let me try to replicate it here and I’ll get back to you.



Hi Walter,
Thanks for helping !
The Mac’s Dock corresponds to the Windows Task Bar. When reduced a window goes to the Dock as an icon.
I’ve made 3 workspaces: ‘Main’ with the project window + the Transport Panel + the Mixer;
second one: the same as Main but the Project Window is minimized to a nearly 2 inches square, and a third one with the Project Window changed into an icon in the Dock with no transport panel nor Mixer.

When second workspace is activated, i can get Main, that is to say the ‘little’ Project Window is maximized and occupies the whole screen, but when workspace 3 is activated, only the transport panel and the mixer are back, the Project window stays in in Dock as an icon.

The only thing i can do is to call second workspace before calling Main. This is a C6 problem as it didn’t occure in C5.

Hi all,
I created a new mini project, with just an audio track, another workspace called ‘mini’ = nothing on the screen. When i locked Main and mini the shortcuts I previously made were present.

And everything works. I don’t understand where i did something wrong in the other project…
It will be easier when French manual will be released :wink:



I have the same problem Fix please Steiny!!!