Workspaces On Multiple Monitors

I’m trying to set up Workspaces to have certain windows open on my iMac and others on a monitor on my wall above the iMac. I saw a YouTube video on how to do it and it said that you have to move the menu bar to the second monitor instead of the primary monitor. I did that and it worked well, but when I started up my computer today, I couldn’t see the login dialog box on my iMac because the menu bar was moved to the other monitor on my wall. This forced me to turn on the second monitor just to login.

How can I set this up so that I don’t always have to have the second monitor turned on?

Workspaces and multiple monitors… a sad chapter. Unfortunately.

Yeah, Workspaces and multiple monitors even with them on they have never been consistent where things show up at least on a Mac. It’s the same thing with Pro Tools, you set everything up where you want them and when you pull things up things often go back to the main monitor which is sort of the opposite issue you are having. I wish mine were that consistent that it always showed up on the second monitor if I left it there. Sorry, I don’t have a better solution for you but if you are on a Mac you might consider trying mirroring. Press command+F1 or F2 or add function if you changed your system preferences to get your F keys back for application use.