workspaces presets ?

except workspaces still not working as should (MC resizing etc etc…)
is it possible to have presets.(not the global presets)
but save/load file of workspaces presets !
for example i make global presets for computer with 2 screens and load that preset when using my laptop with 2 screens… and for other setup only with my laptops 1 screen load other specific 1 screen workspaces preset !

no such option ?

I just use the global presets as a bank of workspaces to choose from. I pick and choose which ones I want to use by copying them from the right to left panes. I ignore the project presets entirely.

yep thats the way to do so now…
i thought maybe there is something like presets to load for specific setups so the global(left) presets would not have too much unnecessary presets for 1 screen, 2 screen etc… setups.

Workspaces are long in the tooth. Maybe they will get a refresh over the next couple years.

im gonna work at space until they change it to something better :wink: