Workspaces problems with 2 monitors on Mac

Windows 7 is maximized on all 4 monitors. Yes, always start with templates. I use all 3 mix consoles, 2 of the 3 in link mode. The 4th monitor is the project page.

Workspaces is unusable for myself. After creating a workspace, then going back to the original, the track widths on mix console 3 shrink. Each time you leave, then come back the track widths continue to shrink.

What I should try now that I’m writing this is to link all 3 mix consoles, because the 1 mix console that is misbehaving, is the one that is unlinked. I will also try the maximize by hand and see if that makes a difference.

Sorry nkf, your problem seems different than the OP. I don’t know how you can get a workspace to transfer between different setups.

Hi there, 4 years are gone and I still have your same workspace issue reported in 2015. Workspaces do not work on different monitor arrangements. I’m on a mac with Sierra OS.

Well it works okay here.

Not here, I’m trying to have the edit window on my main screen and the mix on the big tv screen but each time I recall that workspace the mix window falls behind the edit window in the main screen. I can live with this, its only a bit annoying.