Workspaces - Remember pos of extra Channel Settings windows


Feature request:

Remember more than one Channel Settings Window position in Workspaces and Project Saving. I.e. So you can open two windows (Alt-Click E button) and the 2nd one doesn’t appear on top of the first one each time, i.e. it appears where it appeared last time.

Demo of problem:
a) Open a project
b) Open two Channel Settings Windows
c) Problem 1 - the 2nd opens on top of the first (but only the first time for a newly opened project)
d) Keep the 2nd open and move it away from the first. Save as a new workspace
e) Recall another workspace and then recall the new workspace back
f) Problem 2 - there is only one CS Window now, in the first position, the 2nd window has closed
g) Problem 3 - Open a 2nd window and it appears on top of the first window again

Use Case: I’ve got left/right panned guitars and I’m EQing and applying plugins to them, so I need to see both EQ windows side-by-side. I keep having to drag the 2nd window away from the first…

Use Case: I’m doing mastering and so I’ve got a lot of plugins loaded for comparison. They’re split over two cascading groups so I need to have the 2 group channels open to do the work. I’d use the rack but I also need to use the built-in EQ as well. I’d like to set a workspace for this because it’s different to my other workspaces.

Use Case: Mastering again - comparing frequency plots on the built-in EQ window, need to see two or more of them side-by-side. Perhaps up to 4 of these sometimes, again, I’d like a workspace which remembers the position of 4 windows.