Workspaces save sequencer zoom and position -bug or bad idea

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature that wasn’t though out, but having workspaces save sequencer zoom and position may seem like a good idea until you try and actually use it in a project. Every time I switch from mixer to sequencer workspace, I get forced into a zoom range and position that was saved into the workspace itself, making it extremely counterproductive while arranging a track.

Please either loosen up the workspace parameters to not include the zoom/position, or better yet give us an option to choose what gets saved into the workspace and what doesn’t, as workspaces now save so many options in the project, that any slight change requires re-saving the workspace, making any changes a tedious process of constantly re-saving the workspace. :neutral_face:

Bad idea I think

After some brainstorming yesterday I actually found a workaround for this issue:
Instead of using a workspace preset for the sequencer/arranger window, I linked the “No workspace” to the same keyboard shortcut. This cures the issue of the zoom and position when arranging a track. It’s not a perfect solution, but it works.