Workspaces should not change your location on the timeline

Changing workspaces should not move your location on the timeline. I have locators and Zoom Zap for that. Its annoying to change your workspace for the purpose of, say, going full screen for editing, just to have the window take you to some place you happened to be when you saved the workspace.

Is this an option that I am not seeing?


I sort of remember this being the reason why I stopped using Worksaces at all. Didn’t go into it deeper. Perhaps anybody else?


Workspaces need an option to remember or not remember zoom and location settings. This would solve this problem.

I made a macro for that years ago. It’s rather simple and works prefectly fine.

A reasonable partial workaround, but I would prefer if it would remember the current zoom setting and location rather than a zoom preset - similar to how ProTools handles memory location options. Macros are also more sluggish than single key commands.

Okidoki. Maybe one of the other members will find it useful.

Regards, Martijn.

Don’t get me wrong - it is very useful. Hats off to you for coming up with the macro.

And thank you for posting it!

That’s quite all right :wink:

From an in depth product presentation of Cubase I remember that Helge spoke about window handling as one of the next big challenges for a future major version update. I guess workspaces will be addressed as well…
I never started getting into them, with multiple monitors I find it less of a problem these days to keep stuff where you expect it.


Has anybody made this issue a feature request?

The more I get into workspaces (and I am really starting to get into them!) the more it bugs me.

My way around it is to generally call up the workspace on my MC Control on the fly-- then calling up a workspace doesn’t take you back to its original location.