Workspaces take a good 3-5 seconds to load + sizing issues?

I’ve been dealing with this issue since I purchased Cubase 7, so perhaps it is normal, but I was REALLY hoping that the new workspace features in Cubase 8 would have addressed this. For me, switching between any workspace on my dual monitor mac pro system takes 3-5 seconds. This little bit of time is frustrating and I’m wondering if there is anyway to have it reduced? I usually only have 4 windows on any given screen set, normally just the project view, mix console, transport. I sometimes have two mix consoles spread across a page, or I will replace the mixer with the midi editor, etc. Nothing very drastic. So why does cubase hesitate to load them?

Also it seems there might be a bug in workspaces specifically in C8, as on occasion the screen sets with my mixer, the channels will blow up to full size which is very annoying. Then I switch to another one and they resize to a different random size. Is this a common bug? Never had this particular problem in C7.

But most importantly hopefully someone can help figure out why it takes my system 3-5 seconds to switch between workspaces. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Have the same thing going on here, switching workspaces is just a bit to slow to make it comfortable to work with imo. the sizing bug is also present on my system