Workspaces Tip!

I have always loved workspaces, I work with locked workspaces for different mixer layouts, however the most annoying thing about locked workspaces is, it retains the locked project window position, so if i was zoomed into an event, and i change workpace, it might zoom out to a full view of the project for example…

now you can workaround this with memzap! just make a macro and use the macro instead of recalling the workspace, so the macro is…

Zoom mem
workspace 1
zoom Zap

then I assign that to the same keycommand I previously used for the workspace!

works perfectly!

as a side effect to this, I just found out that the audio skips when recalling the memzap! so it might not be ideal!.. hopefully that’s an easy bug to fix! have reported it

Thanks. The audio might be skipping because the recall takes too much processing power especially if the graphics chip has quite modest ram of it’s own. If it then borrows it off the system ram then dropouts may occur.
I’m pretty certain it’s not a bug that can be fixed from the Cubase end. Just a limitation of memzap on certain systems.
Seeing your system details would help a lot here.

Asus P8P67 Pro

2600k clocked to 4.1
EMU 1820u
16gb ram
gfx - radeon ATI HD 5450 (not the best but no fan… if theres a more powerful one to get with no fan I will get)
Win7. cubase 7.01

(everytime i try to update my sig it times out)

also the skip in audio is similar to the skip you get when changing a plugin for example

Hey Xtigma

MemZap (by the way I cant find it in the manual) seems similar to something I have been doing for a long while

My key commands are

Alt + S - zoom to selection - (this can be one event or a few, but it maxes them to the full screen)

Alt + U - undo zoom - as this takes you back even after you’ve done some editing. brilliant

I set these keys to my mouse wheel, so i can push left, and push right to zoom and return (programmable gaming mouse)

this workflow is so seamless, give it a go :smiley:
btw wheres memzap, can search and find it on youtube, cant search and find it in manual :unamused: