Workspaces Unreliable?


I am having issues with saved Workspaces and overall window management. I have a three screen setup with my project window on my main screen and Mixer 1 docked on 2nd screen and Mixer 2 docked in the third screen. That’s how the workspace is saved. However, when my screen go dormant after some time, I lose the organization of my setup and I (In Nuendo 8) would select the workspace and everything goes back to normal. However, in N10 I am not getting the desired result. The mixer windows are opening on my main screen and at different locations.

Also, I am experiencing when I have a track selected on the project window, yet the Solo function doesn’t work. I think this also has to do with the way N10 is handling the windows management.

Anyone experiencing this? Any advice is always helpful. Stay productive!

I have a very similar setup to you and experience the same problems after the main screen goes into sleep mode. My main screen is set to 200% scaling, screen 2 is set to 100% (normal) and screen 3 is set to 150% scaling. This might cause Nuendo some problems.

In addition to losing the correct placing of everything as per the current workspace, the Transport Panel often becomes very small and can not be placed where it should be (at the bottom of the main screen (for me)). Also, the dropdown menus on the top menu bar (File, Edit etc.) either become very small, appear in the wrong places or disappear completely. Very frustrating.

One thing that I’ve tried today that appears to help the situation is to turn off the main screen’s auto-sleep mode. My screen was set to go off after 40 minutes. If I then need to leave the screen for some time I ‘minimise’ the main screen which has the benefit of minimising all three screens.

That is the most annoying thing with Nuendo. I never can reliable apply Workspaces to old projects or projects from my second Nuendo machine without tedious work to correct it.
What is not updated: Mixer Windows default to all channel types, and all Racks etc. There is never my selection recalled. It would be such a time saver to apply all aspects of a Workspace to a Nuendo project. This is ongoing for years …

Annoying problem that has been going on for years, still not fixed, Steinberg response has been “we don’t know why it doesn’t work”
Possibly this is related to macOS issues with multiple displays because there definitely are issues. But hard to believe, I mean who doesn’t use multiple displays with a DAW especially when using virtual instruments? 3 screens are barely enough.