Workspaces with Dual Monitors is Broken [Mac OSX]

This is now a long-standing issue: it really makes it very frustrating working with Cubase these days. Mixer or Arrange windows just end up back on the main monitor, even though saved positioned on a second screen. They can be coaxed back, but next time Cubase is launched, it’s all forgotten and everything piles up on the main monitor again. This was not the case in Cubase 6.

When it actually (kinda) works, when switching workspaces windows saved on the second monitor strangely move toward the first monitor and back again, instead of staying put. Channel settings panes stretch to full width and then don’t resize properly, content disappearing outside the pane. It’s all very clunky. And been this way through all revisions of v8. Please fix!

Same Issue over here!

I updated recently to the latest version of Cubase (8.0.30) and this issue is still happening:

it never happened with Cuase 5, 6, 7, 7.5 and 7.5.40 which I’m still using, instead of Cubase 8 Pro I purchased the day it came out.

I’m so frustrated as I’m patiently waiting for every Cubase update to be released, hoping I’ll be able to start using Cubase 8 Pro after having it for almost a year now, I keep writing to support and they say that they are aware, but nothing is happening at the past year, and no ETA for this issue to be fixed so far.
Grrrrrrr…!!! :blush:

The problem is you don’t have enough screens!! But seriously, it is SO frustrating, workspaces are utterly useless until it’s sorted, and as you say, it’s been FAR too long.


Why is this locked and marked as solved?

I have the very same issue on Windows 7 with Cubase Pro 8.5.20.

This REALLY needs to be fixed. Come on, it’s NOT that hard.