Workspaces Workaround for Windows users.

1.Locate the file “Default Project Workspace” in the Cubase User Settings Data Folder. Change the security permissions to “Deny Full Control”. for all users.
2. Change the following preference setting in Cubase under the General Tab. “Open Projects in Last Used View” - set to “Always”
3. For every project select “No Workspace” in the Workspaces Menu.
4. Arrange your windows in your project according to your preferences.
5. Save project.

Every project should now open with all windows as you last saved it. Ruler and zoom settings are now remembered on a per project basis.


Step 2: If you set “Always”, then the new project shouldn’t open as it was saved, but at he latest window layout setup of the last project. Here you should set Never. Then the project opens how it was stored.

Hi Martin,

Did you test the steps as outlined, as on my system it only works if I set it to “Always”