World Instruments &World Percussion

Can anyone comment on the new “World” sounds in HS2? I can’t seem to find much specific information on these libraries. Any opinions would be helpful, and specifically, I am trying to find out:
Is there a good selection of harp-like plucked instruments?
Are the percussion flex phrases usable? (the demo tracks are not 100% convincing)
Is the overall quality comparable to something like Kontact’s world instruments?

I need some ethnic sounds for some scoring projects and the $99 upgrade seems like a very good deal if the quality is acceptable.


the World Instruments are not bad at all, not a huge selection, but definitely usable.
The World Percussion sounds are also not bad, but also nothing to die for.
The Loops for the World Percussion are not good, very stiff, midi-file like programming,
maybe good as starting point.
It seems to me that the loops were done by people who have no or very little idea about the grooves and the feel
of the respective countries / areas……

The HS2 Update its great though all in all. I like it.


Thanks for responding, Paul. Good comments.
This is an audio recording I made as I ran through all the presets in the World Percussion library. I tried some variations but kept the same tempo.

While I was checking out the World Instruments, I recorded audio. I played many, but not all, of the sounds.