Worldly doubts

If i update to version 13, can i continue using version 12 without problems as with 11?

Does version 13 has 3 activations too?

Hi Sergio / @Sfa,

are you planning to update from Nuendo 12 to 13, or from 11 to 13?

yes. Both versions 12 and 13 are part of the new licensing system, and Nuendo 13 is downwards compatible - back to Nuendo 12.

But not further back to Nuendo 11 in the same licensing system, since version 11 was the last version which used the old eLicenser licensing system.
So, if you also have a Nuendo 11 license and still want to use it (or even older versions), you’d still need your USB eLicenser (if you have it available), and also the latest version of eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) would have to be installed.

yes, it does.

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