Worst customer service ever...they'll block you on twitter

So i’m a cubase customer… paid some addons like full GrooveAgent…from Steinberg

I complained on Twitter about no “glide” function in G.A.

The answer from Steinberg was “you can buy Halion5” … so we ask for some (basic) function and they tell me to buy a 359€ sampler software, just to use a glide pitch function???

So i told them i was disapointed by that method !!! That i saw a lot of people on the forum asking for simple function and yet, though many many many users say “+1” those function never appears in cubase updates… and not even some answer from Steinberg techies to say “ok we will do this ASAP (or not!)”…

Then what happened??? The steinberg twitter account told me I was “somebody else cause i was just hungry, thati should grab a Mars or Sneaker” and they blocked me???


PS: I also got the whole conversation/twitts captured if you think they blocked me cause I was insulting them … but yeah I was and still am disappointed !

U NoMad Bro? :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s my name!
why? (are we in contact?)

Hehe, that joke went straight over your head :wink:
I don’t know the whole story, and there probably was a good reason to block you, but I agree it’s pretty sad when you feel passionate about something and you’re responded to like you were.

Indeed the joke went over my head, I thought it was someone from my social media asking me if I’m the “same”… lol

So yeah I’m kinda mad bout being disrespected as I want a product to be the best, and to suppose that big companies will ever listen to us, instead of just taking our money and not acknoledging on customers demands. See how some threads here (for basic functions, not crazy undoable things) are backed by a looooot of users for years, and Steinberg are not even telling people if they will do it or not. So many users look annoyed by the customer service. So yeah enuff is enuff… (like those .5 versions we pay everytime, how much money cubase will cost you over years??

I now understand why Steinberg was about to drown before Yamaha bought them - - - > customer service (you don’t listen to them, or worst disrespecting them, is a deal breaker for the obviously most expensive DAW on the market.) Since there is now a lot of (great) others DAWs, the best thing you can do to keep people giving you money is satisfying their needs.

I see no real good point into blocking my twitter account after telling me to “grab a chocolate bar”, like if I was a child… especially blocking someone after that kind of reaction is in fact pueril.

I wasn’t sure about quitting Cubase at some point (was disappointed, yeah) but that move was the game breaker! Now I’m pretty sure I won’t keep with a company that take so much money from people without even listening to their needs!
Everybody said LIVE is the bomb nowadays, I neva listen to them, but now I will for sure!

Used Cubase (it wasn’t even named cubase yet) since AtariST, that’s a shame!

I agree that the response of the SB rep was quite immature. I don’t get how blocking you helps them either, since there are any number of places you might go to talk about it.

Twittering is for birds. :unamused:

I just read the original thread on Twitter - and found it kind of astonishing that the SB rep would engage with a paying (and admittedly angry) customer like that in public, never mind the subsequent blocking. Like, wtf?

(Pro tip: Don’t Berate Your Customers)

And do you know I knew they would not listen to customers query? … only one thread here, “AOT mixer”, that function so manyyyyyyyyy users have backed up with a comment or a “+1” or a simple thumbs up. Just find that topic here and check the date of topic start, so long ago !!!
And yet did Steinberg brought back AOT mixer? NO
Did they told people they will (eventually, cause like I said was asked for a damn long time) do it? NO
Did they explain to people why they couldnt do it (yes they can, cause it was before :wink: )? NO

So yet i know that that company just wants your money and then they want you to just shut up and bring more money with .5 updates, then full new number update…and buy some addons plugins or soundbanks !

Will they make a move (1or2 free updates once in a while, or a free bank every X years of loyalty) for loyal customers that paid so many updates their cubase is worst 5000$? HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL NO

Seriously that AOTmixer topic is the real proof that Steinberg doesnt respect their customers, but doesnt refuse takin our money!!! (Im so sad I cant give them back Cubase, my UR12, and all VSTs and soundbanks I bought from them to get a refund…that would hurt them more than see a customer say “I wont give you money anymore”)

So many musicians told me to migrate to Ableton Live, cause it was so mad and powerfull… I never listened to them cause I was loyal to cubase, now that their twitter CM has disrespected me, it’s definetly the last cubase (8.5) I’ll use!
I’ll pay those DAW that when you have paid it the full price you get a lifetime free updates !!! (and Ableton tech support looks so fast…like the Akai one, I was amazed by their reaction and thought they were the best for that, but I realised i was so disappointed by SB’s one that a “normal” service was like “super” to me)

PS: yet, nor on facebook or here, a steinberg guy had come to say “what the hell did that CM did to a customer…come back to us we will do anything to make you stay loyal to our software”… sad to see that they blocked me on twitter cause TRUTH HURTS, SB are here to get your money, not your satisfaction !!!

I gotta thank you, 1 for your concern (going to twitter to check)…and 2 for your support, cause maybe they could have blocked me for a real good reason I would have missed… or I could have a behavior I didnt saw like being insulting when I thought i wasnt…(mad yes i was, insulting or disrespecting, i dont believe in this)
So yes it could have been my fault, I’m not a flawless human :wink:

Maybe they didnt liked that i saw their “we ll consider it” like the classic “ok you told us your point, we dont give a damn…there is some work around to that glide thing like a pitchbend…or way better give us 359€ for HAlion5 so u can glide easy” … cause they twitted me that “we told you we would consider it, and we gave you alternatives”
alternatives? like automating pitchbending for 1000 notes, instead of clicking a button and adjust a % knob???

and BTW if Halion and GrooveAgent are kind of very very close (programming wise, you can tell it by the visuals etc)… how come you can make it in HAlion, but you cant in GA4???
ME ME ME ME ME I KNOW: “cause we want you to give us more money…pay GA4 full, and as we dont want to work on it further, just buy a sampler at the price of 2/3 GA…to use one simple and basic pitch function”

And the conclusion where I told them that “cubase lacks a free sampler straight from the box”…1st thing they answer was out of topic “we never advertised cuabse to have one”…but they confirmed their lazyness by that “we cant make a free sampler overnight”…i laughed like hell cause yeah cubase is a brand new DAW released for the 1st time in 2015, and we are all using that cubase 1.3
They just proved that they dont give a damn … “over night” lol as far as i can remember we are at a 8.5 version of cubase, and same as AOT mixer, a lot of users complained bout the lack of a simple sampler straight when you buy cubase!
To what the CM on twitter said those hashtags like if i was dumb (that is disrespect !) “#ReadBeforeYouBuy”+"#SpendTimeKnowingYourSoftware"+"#GetInformed" (what they never do here in the forum !!!)

Ableton Live: free sampler
FL studio: free sampler
Reason: free sampler

Sorry for those long “chapters” … yeah i’m fully disappointed by SB

I recommend them to so many friends, give em so many money… I cant accept to give money to be disrespected like that!

I took time to perfect my use of the software to what, see they dont give a damn by customers needs (only their money is interesting) and then got back to zero with a new DAW…I needed an electric shock to move to another DAW, thats what they did not by their answers, but that block move, that was the last nail on the coffin, a real disrespect to paid users (there is no free user tho lol) !

definitely firing-worthy reaction on the SB employee part.

At least, unblocking me, giving an (public) apology … that’s the strict minimum i believe!

The real move would be to make me stay, so having a gesture from Steinberg…but i seriously doubt on it (they take, they dont give) !!!

Do you wanna see how SB reacts to that topic (those PM shows that they saw the topic!)???

They told me I did insult the company…where i said the Fword like a enhancement, i never said it straight to Steinberg like an insult…
I knew they wouldnt apologize but try to blame me instead (its way easier to do that than publicly apologize AND make a change in that failing customer service)

So to prove myself, i captured every censored Fword I wrote here…check by yourself if it’s toward the company, like insulting THEM (or not LOL)


As you may know twitter works in a different way as many other social media outlets where a more relaxed language is used. You got blocked because you kept insulting the company right after you where told that Cubase doesn’t have a sampler and the glide function can only be found in HALion 5.

We also informed you that what you where trying to do could also be achieved by setting the pitch bend range for each pad in GSAE and the range is +/- 48 semitones, this is done in the pitch tab in each pad.

And you persisted on spamming our twiter feed using the F word more than several times, you got blocked. We do know that our users would like to have a sort of sampler in Cubase and it is on our Feature Request List, but unfortunately you lost your nerve and lost the etiquette on what started as a friendly interaction.

We know you are a power user for a long time and have defended the company in the past, though we will really be sad to see you leaving but it is at it is. Cubase Pro 8 does not come with a dedicated sampler. You can use Groove Agent 4 but some features like the glide feature is not available and probably will not be implemented in the near future.

Yes, there are other softwares which cost less and do have a sampler, but you can also find many other third parties and free options to achieve what you want.

Threatening to change DAW on a mean to obtain something is not really going to help your cause.

Best regards,

INSULTING THE COMPANY??? are you crazy? SHOW US WHERE, pls do
Where, here or twitter, did I insult your company???

I’ve got every thing on screen capture so pls show US (the customers) where i did insult Steinberg !!!

What I see here is a way for you to remove a annoying topic, cause I point how bad you treat customers and instead of apologizing, you try to blame me (4th time i ask show where i insulted anyone) !!!

So i will edit my posts so you dont have a “pseudo legal” way to remove the topic that you dont like cause bad advertisment to your beloved company

“threatening to change” it wasnt a threat, damn, how can you be so off topic to try to keep your head high … I wont keep no DAW whereas a thread about “bring AOT mixer back” has been started so long ago, and backed by SO MANY users, not 1 not 2 not 10 not 20 far more, has still yet never been acknowledged … so I dont threat you of leaving to make “a glide function in GA” but to show that your not the only one company making a great DAW nowadays, so if you ddont listen AND respect your customers, they go away !!!

STILL YET NO APOLOGIES NOR ANYTHING FROM STEINBERG, only pepole tryin to blame me instead !!! AND THAT IS THE REAL SHAME !!! You fight so well to try to be the cool company and me the evil customer…where an apology could have ended it sooner (and i dont even talk bout a commercial move to keep customers to buy products; products like .5 updates at 50€) !!!

Let’s have fun, here is a capture of the topic “aot mixer” … just for people to see when that topic started and if they listened to us (maybe i’ll try another capture to show how many users complained bout that, yet v8.5.15 and no AOT mixer)
Started Dec2014 … we are here and now March2016 !!! (its one of the biggest request/topic here!!!)

Again I will make my point on how they see us as a customer (yes they wont like it, and tell me "stop insulting the company and give us bad advertisment)
WE (the customers) are not worth giving them queries on the soft they devellop for US (since we pay for a soft, yeah I’ve got rights to ask bout things!!! and you tell me its your right to not do it, well LOOOOOOOOOOOL … everytime they answers me they fall a bit deeper in client disrespect)

“Even if you pay some times the customers are not always right, and paying doesn’t give you the right to demand things the way you are doing it” HOW DID I DO IT??? did i asked for a function with a knife or with a “do it or else…” nope, but i had a reaction about that “We will THINK ABOUT it” … thats was a similar answer to “we thought bout it and NO we wont do it”

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER…i really understand why that company was about to drown before yamaha

We (the customers) are nothing to them, they dont apologize, they dont make a move, they will say “ok free world, go away” !!! wow what a nice company !!!


In other words, SB can mock a customer - but not vice versa.