Worst customer service ever...they'll block you on twitter

You see, they got some nerve to say that to people buying their products (and what is nearly more shameful, is when they try to show me as the “evil customer” against “the nicest company ever”

HOW CAN THEY SAY THAT TO USERS “some times paid cutomers are not always right and PAYING DOESNT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO DEMAND THINGS THE WAY YOU DO” (as yo uread the twitter topic, was I asking for the glide function in a weird/insulting way?.. i think they didnt liked the fact that i underlined their “we ll think about it” with my answer CF-capture (where was that “the way you are doin it” how did i do it???)



I guess that it will always be hard to interpret the written words and its tone. Obviously there has never been our intention to disrespect you or our customers in any way, and we really want to make things right, as it all seems like a huge misunderstanding.

So, here is how things are, and I will be as straight forward as possible:

  • You are clearly upset about the fact that Cubase and Groove Agent 4 does not have a glide function and you have been asking about it for years, plus the fact that the replay you obtained in Twitter was not the one you expected.

Cubase will not have a sampler in the near future, there are other issues that need to be fixed and implemented first, as a company with a limited amount of resources we need to have some things prioritise. We know about the fact that users have been asking for it for years, but it will have to wait, we are not ignoring it, it is definitively on the list.

  • Saying will think about it was a way of telling you we have it on our list, but unfortunately we cannot promise you when and how it is going to happen.

  • The glide function is something that we definitively want to keep as a HALion 5 feature only for the time being, we still want to have a differentiation between Groove Agent 4 as a drum instrument and HALion 5 as an advanced sampler, even though Groove Agent has very advanced sampling options.

  • Our tweet with the hashtag “You are not you when you are hungry” was used with the intention of adding some humor to the post made by the Aaron Steinberg user (which account usually gets confused with ours), and try to light up the mood, it is a very famous and funny marketing campaign in Germany and the US. It seems that it made things worst, but please by no means it was made to insult you. As of now the tweet has been deleted.

We can blame it on cultural bios and lack of sensitivity on our side, and therefore we apologies for upsetting you with it. We will unblock your account and issue you and apology on Twitter.

And as I mentioned you privately, you are a well known user and a power user, which has been defending Cubase for a long time and contributing to this community, we will be really sad to lose you for such a thing.

Best regards,

I don’t have a Twitter account, what are you referring to? I find it difficult to imagine a vendor of anything bigger than a local mom-and-Pop sized company mocking a customer.

Thanks -


Nobody should mock anybody and that was clearly not our intention. We have apologised about it.

Best regards,

Nice post Guillermo, nice to see an honest apology. That also kills the feeling that you’re dealing with some unknown entity behind a keyboard which hopefully leads to a slightly more civilized conversation.

While we’re on the topic of quoting commercials, I learned a valuable lesson from Opel: Germans don’t make jokes.

Let just abandon this “So, here is how things are” when its not…sorry but your first point is twice wrong, so ok i’ll go like point by point: (people i can back up every dates or citations by a screen capture if requested, i wont post captures all the time lol)

-Wrong thing as I never “been asking about it for years”, I asked when that so called twitter clash started…29 march, so its obviously not “for years”…
Then you start by the sentence “You are clearly upset about the fact that Cubase and Groove Agent 4 does not have a glide function” …
Well, first I’m not upset by that directly before asking you guys (in the 1st twitt) to make it happen.
And even with your twitter answer “We’ll think about it;)”, I wasn’t upset but made a remark that we (the customers) should rather hear “Ok we will do this” (since its a so obvious option BTW) or “No we will never do it” (like you said to me later cf the message im quoting, point 3 “The glide function is something that we definitively want to keep as a HALion 5 feature only for the time being”)

So classic public move the “we will think about it”, now i know to read underlines since that AOTmixer topic being on since dec 2014, we are in march 2016 still SB never responded to all those users backing up that threads since 2years, still no AOT mixer. Thats an example of how customers will feel if they read posts on forum to kno how good is a software BUT ALSO if the support is nice and present.

(I will skip that issue bout a sampler straight out of the box with cubase, that was a side topic, I said “BTW Cubase should have a free sampler out from the box” … but your twitter CM came at me sayin “we didnt advertise cubase to have one!” … I never said this, cause “IT SHOULD HAVE ONE” is clearly different than “YOU LIED TO US”, isnt it?

So you talked by that twitter answer i didnt expect a huge company software saying to me “instead of the glide implement, why dont you pitch semitones” that i would answer, ok cool a “workaround” to wait for the implement, not a real solution. Am I goig to edit maybe 1000 notes with automating the pitchbend in a 600€ soft? And so what your twitter guy pulled the “Buy HALion5 from us if you want to use glide on a wav loop” … I obviously watch the price of HALion5, and said “what 359€ for a basic pitch function? no way”…

So obviously no disrespect in my twitts, no “you were clearly upset” !!! This is what i see here as a way to make me go as the “evil disrespecting customer unhappy bout a so little something” against that “so nice and cool company that cares”.

-Point 2 was included in my point 1 lol, yeah we know what you mean to us “we may do it” since that 2014 topic backed by so many people that still in the latest 8.5.15 updates was still not there… AlwaysOnTop mixer is not a little stupid implement 2 users ask for about 2-3 monthes…
A huge deal to workflow not to have that mixer staying on top, and we wait and paid updates since that (could be fun to watch how many paying updates it was since dec 2014) !!! Huge worflow killer, huge request from users !!!

-Point3, lets go faster, was a bit included in my point 1. We can clearly decode that its a marketing move to give ONLY TO HALion5 a “basic pitch function” (basic and easy since you told me, “you can have free 3rd party plugins to do it”)…
We (refer we as the customers, im not alone there ! Its not my little personal request to have the glide, nope its showin how you are not listening to people, but you can take their money though) understand easily that you want to sell a 359€ sampler/sounddesigner to a customer that is asking for pitch gliding implement in a sampler he bought (GA4 is a sampler, a drum sampler but though a salmpler to, glide could be useful)…
I can see why HALion5 is so expensive,I respect it (never complained bout the price, but the markleting move instead of accepting to implement a function), but if I need 1/15 of it why payin so much? Nobody would (with hard working gained money…sure if someone offers it to me, lol)

-Now that part, the point 4 where you play the “only a joke card” when I say that twitt was clearly taking me as “not serious”…the problem with that so called joke (about that commercial, here is my point, you assumed a didnt even know that commercial!, so 1 point against you, we ll talk bout that later on) that was a twitt (lets go for a capture…capture2) 30mars 7oclock , so ok i could have laugh by my @ mistake and the “joke” if it wasnt for a twitt an hour earlier (see capture 5), where those hashTags where already trying to demean me a lot, as if I was too dumb to know how things bout a soft AS ITS CLEARLY AN OFF TOPIC ANSWER FROM YOUR CM (cf my point1 here, i never said “false advertising” just sayd “shoud be already there” (capture 5 shows clearly my point and the offtopic answer!)

So twice an hour there are demeaning twitts bout if I can “clearly understand things”…yes I do, thanks for your concern on me! So let me doubt on you laughing and nicely joking with a CM (whatever the company) an hour after some #ReadBeforeYouBuy #SpendTimeKnowingYourSoft #GetInformed…when that same CM is CLEARLY off topic!

And you finished by the “cultural difference card”, sorry wont buy that one card !!! Its a bad card you drop there !

But you told me in PM “sorry from our social crew” well thats kinda funny when hours after that I’m still blocked by your twitter account… Here again ruining everything, by me not seing sincerity here, but a public move to save the face.

You really tried to reverse the situation to me being “angry customer” and you “the nice guyz wrongfully accused”

As much as I think Steinberg is worthy of criticism in its way of dealing with customers, this actually doesn’t seem to be an example of it. I think you’re making a couple of hens out of barely one complete feather.

I see it now, Simul-posting, apparently.

Good that they apologized, details re: who is/was at fault notwithstanding.

Btw - I live in Canada, am familiar with the (very funny) commercial to which Mr. Navarette referred, it’s use by the SB rep - even if caught up in a retweet - was mos Def a dig, and quite snarky. I mentioned before that I was actually astonished that such an asinine and derisive comment would be anywhere near a corporate tweet. Hopefully, this won’t happen again.