Worst ergonomy Cubase ever

Everything is tricky, minimize, maximize the session, close Cubase, etc (Aero is not the best implementation as I see), I can’t see even if CUBASE is open sometimes when it minimizes on taskbar Windows 7. Mixer is an ergonomical troublemaker, low visibility, bypas plugins switch is no more, power on/off plugins requires extra ALT push, sometimes they don’t start when I ALT-click on them when power is off (I need to open the editor). The mixer cannot be designed to be one fixed model ? Just like previous ones ? It is annoying to set up mixer at every new session. Graphics are slow, etc. Sound is great, graphics are low efficiency, ergonomics are bad. Hope something will be done regarding this issues because they are anti-productive. I love Cubase and i like the improvements regarding audio engine, efficiency of ASIO GUARD, etc.Pls do something about ergonomics.

It sounds like you need a new GPU.

i have integrated Intel 2500, for Cubase 6.5 was enough - super snappy. Last drivers, etc. I do not know why 8.5 need more power.

Well software system requirements don’t stay the same forever with each new version. Pretty much any GPU released in the past 5 years will be a fair bit more powerful than what you have for integrated graphics, so you don’t have to spend a ton. I guess you could try disabling hardware graphics acceleration for Cubase using the instructions someone posted here, but even a not very powerful GPU should make your system feel a bit snappier as a whole.

Thank You, I’ll try this.