Worst Update EVER!

This is a bad, buggy update. The mixer window loses some of the red line around the fader. Right click context menu is totally screwed up, not functioning properly and has so many missing things I need for my workflow and no way to put them back! There is a bug in the mixdown window, there are no check boxes next to the channels in the middle window…so many more bugs and problems with things that have been messed around with that were working fine before…why fix what ain’t broken???
The whole experience is awful and this update has done nothing but ruin my workflow.

The whole program colours and large fonts look tacky now even the startup black and white screen looks so dated…I could live with that if the program was functioning properly but this is unbelievable…seems like they rushed to get it out without testing it properly.

I am going back to my trusty 9.5 until they get this sorted which looks to me like it will take a while with so many issues.
Very disappointed with this…cummon Steinberg this is not up to your usual standard, big let down.

Thank you for posting this. I am curious to see new features, but thanks to your post and general feedback here I will hold back. I find Steinberg are doing something wrong already for years. Too many bugs and fixes are slow. I guess that means there are too many new features.

It’s not that there are too many new features, it’s just that it seems to be gong in a different direction…instead of enhancing workfow, they are hindering it. I don’t care much about the initial looks with larger fonts and tacky interfaces, I want streamlined experience so I can get my work done without GUI disappearing, contextual menu missing important functions and not adaptable, so many bugs…it seems like they got a whole new fresh bunch of kids in the company and said…‘there you go boys, do your thing’ This is not the Cubase I know and love, this is going into a whole new realm of uncertainty for me. Granted, new ideas and introduction of new things is good, however ‘never fix what ain’t broke’ is my motto and i stand by it. They have ruined so many things with this update. I have gone back to 9.5 and thankfully it still works on my system, until they get this fixed (which I don’t happening anytime soon.

Honestly i liked SX better

simple + streamlined

mentioning SX it was also for me rhe most Wow version! SX3 was my most-used DAW. Also I do not remember if every year a new major release was rushed out

what`s happen to steinberg ? i want the native steinberg back again, Not Yamaha !

Actually, SB admitted that CB 9.5 was not their best release in regards of quality. Now CB10 follows that path!
This is unbelievable! And no replies by anyone of the makers and responsibles.
Now waiting for 5 months to get 10.0.6 and so on.

Should be very instresting to know what directive yamaha gives to steinberg management or how they are involved. I totaly agree with you, Steinberg is going in totally wrong direction.

I think it will be better if they finish with these frequent updates, because they will add something else, but they will spoil what was good. For example, scrollbars. Who thought that a quick job would be better thin lines that die on the screen? Let them better fix what is wrong. I’m waiting with the purchase for now. I need to concentrate on the music, not on whether the program will ruin something.


Cubase 5 was very good, used that for many years LoL. Cubase 9.5.41 sort of OK, but now? What’s going on with v10. Was already thinking of moving to Sonar, alas that died …