Worth the upgrade to 6.? SX user comes back from the dead...

Hi folks, I used to be a regular here but life sidetracked me for …oh…8 years or so? Anway, I am now doing audio book work, some VO for film, and thinking of even getting back into music. I was very familiar with my Cubase SX2 and UAD plugin card, using my Echo Mia as the input card. This was all on a dedicted DAW compu but of course running W XP 32bit, a couple gigs of RAM and a Pent 4 CPU. I now have a W7 Pro 64bit desktop, w 8 Gs RAM running a 3.0Ghz i5 CPU. The question is…can I transfer my cards to the new box and just install Cubase SX2 in there and get to work? Steiny will give me Cubase 6.5 for U$300 but…what’s wrong with SX2? Worked great before! Any tips? Settings? Are you all laughing yet?
Thanks in advance friends…

Nothing wrong with SX2, if you don’t need features of the more current versions. Of course SX only runs as 32 bit app and doesn’t have all bells and whistles the C6 has, but seriously: If you were able to create what you wanted with SX2 back then, you should still be able to do the same.

When it comes to UAD I can’t say anything. You should check compatibility of your model from UAD. But when compared to your old system (P4 + UAD) your new system (i5) should have more processing power, so your UAD card isn’t needed for that task. If you want to use UAD plugins, you’ll need your UAD card (or a new one … I think they have some nice upgrade policy), though.

If you rely on fxp/fxb patch presets they went out the window when C4 was released, replaced by the MediaBay database file management system, which you can love … and hate. I love it now but still would like fxp/fxb added back.