Worth upgrade to El Capitan now that Cubendo fully supports?

Yep, works for me. 10.11.2

Aloha H,
Your sig says: ‘lots of toys/plugins’.

Just make sure the drivers/tools etc for all this stuff
is also up to date and compatible with El Capitan as well.

That’s why I am still waiting.

In the meantime everything here is rock solid using Yosemite
and I do not want to take a step backward.

Good Luck!

I’ve given it a SMALL test, it’s nothing short of a complete catastrophe on my system.
Nuendo crashed loading the second session I thres at it.
Now it does not even start anymore. (Elicenser error)
I updated the elc driver and rebooted, but the system claims I have no elc inserted at all.

Good luck.
At the moment I feel the next major update is going to be a PC. Extremely annoyed with Apples constant useless updates that break everything every year.

Very true words and the grass is always greener on the other side, but I’m not going to pay Apple tax anymore. If they want to charge substantially more they need to be substantially better. At the moment they are not anymore. (SMB hassles, no pcie slots, the need to buy high end graphics cards I don’t want, no security updates for old systems, no 3rd party ssd support, constant major update terror, the list goes on…) I don’t need a new computer at the moment, because my 5 year old mac pro is still a great machine, but if I had to buy a new machine now it would be a PC.

Aloha H,

I too use Time machine but keep in mind that Time machine does not make a ‘bootable’ back-up.

Restoring files and apps are easy with Time machine but to completely restore your hard drive (OS etc) can take mucho time.

So as well as Time machine for back-ups, perhaps consider using a cloning app such as
Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper.

That way if things go south you can be back up-and-running in just a few minutes.

Good Luck!

Okay, I gave it some more time now.
Seems for some strange reason the dongle “crashed” after the update. I tried a different USB port and now it seems to be working again.
Still it’s strange that this has not happened once while running 10.10.x.
Computers… :imp:

Absolutely - assuming you know what your’e doing (no disrespect intended). El Cap has more spyware for the Apple ‘reality warp’, so disable all you can. Otherwise: never, ever upgrade a system by installing over the top of an old & ‘only’ boot disk. Use the following:

    1. Have two boot disks, ideally equal performance power (say, 2 x SSDs). The last known working system is on one, the new on the other & simply boot into one or the other as required.
  1. Never depend on Time Machine as a migration option; this is only really useful for recovering documents if something goes awry. Use Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) to make disk images and archive as needed. A restore then can be easily made if necessary (BTW, dongle auths are much better in this respect; sw licence keys need re-setting).

  2. Re. installation of any new system - do this from scratch, as a clean install. Always. Takes longer, works far, far better. Yes, requires re-installing apps, VIs and plugins from scratch but has many benefits including culling old un-used, checking for latest versions etc.

  3. Further to above (3): also highlights the need to keep all installers and licences well filed, documented and backed up on another drive or CCC disk image.

My 2 cents, and from managing large numbers of university workstations exactly like this in earlier years. Also works perfectly for me in my own studio. El Cap 10.11.2 is ruining very nicely, much snappier than Yosemite in my experience. The display and Metal is much improved as well (I also do video work).