Worth upgrading from N4?

Hey guys,
I haven’t upgraded from Nuendo 4 as of yet. I’m currently running a quad core core 2 duo processor with 4GB of memory. I haven’t had any issues working on projects in N4 and running out of CPU power. Does N5 take more horsepower to run? Did you find the upgrade to be worth the cost?

Go download the trial and see for yourself.
I paid around 200EUR for the upgrade and it sure was worth it.

I’m just concerned that it might not run well on my machine. That could get costly and money pretty tight right now.

Yeah, try the trial out.

For me N5 was pointless until 5.5, and even now I’ve mostly lost interest, because N5 has the same features (that I need) as N4 does, and doesn’t have any extras that I’m interested in. The split stereo handling in 5.5 looks like it might be handy, as I need to get files into Pro Tools from time to time, but for me that is such a small amount of time to save, compared with the possibility of crashes, corruptions, non-functioning video engine, all of which have been reported during the N5 cycle.

Yeah, try the trial out. :wink:


Thanks for the info. I will download the demo before buying the upgrade. I’ve been happy enough with N4 but some of the new NEK features are interesting.

Worth it for me: group track editing, new lane editing, VST amp rack, tempo detection, etc. all great. But I’m more a music guy.

Have you guys noticed any substantial increase in CPU usage in N5 vs N4?
I did download the demo and will run some test later tonight. Just looking for any potential problems.

The N5.5 Upgrade is worth its money. All the bugs and complaints in here are the collected reports of many users.
As usual, a lot of faults and problems arise through the person infront of the machine or their specific setups. Others have been or will be dealt with. Seek the perfect DAW… you won’t find it, anywhere.
The change was smooth and painless. N5.5 with the 64bit quicktime feature was a great improvement. too.
I do not sense much of a difference in my PC’s power or performance in day to day work. Maybe it is even faster and
smoother in operation. I don’t look much onto load meters, as well as I don’t look at curves when EQing.
If it feels ( sounds ) right, it is ok for me…
That some users don’t need / want / use the new features does not mean that they would not be of great help to many others. I just wonder why some ppl need to tell the whole community that they do not need some bits and pieces of it… They are already there…lol…

Big K

Other than the issue where older projects are getting screwy when opening in 5.5 I really like it and I’m glad I upgraded.

The slow save issue is still there, seems a touch faster but I’m not sure. Shouldn’t be there at all if you ask me.

The automation editing is awesome, although it is now harder to see so it doesn’t actually save any time.

The group and lane editing is not something I’ve jumped into yet, I don’t do a lot of comping.

quickcontrols learn function is really really nice. I have a war horse of a machine and I do not look at the meters either but you’ll know if it will work for you or not with the trial.

64bit eucon support was the main thing I wanted and that is working very well. I now have a desk that can talk to protools and nuendo and that is very good for my wallet.

I think so.

The new layout, stereo conversion, new scrubbing engine, media bay improvements, automation enhancements, 64 bit mac version, pitch driver (!), the list goes on…I really think it’s well worth the money.


Its one of the best upgrades ever for me - though I am very unhappy with some/a lot issues I have. Design-Errors, Bugs etc. But I would not be happy to still work in N4 - currently I am changing between C5.5 (basically N5) and N5.5. Sadly I am missing the N5.5 things when recording in C5.5 - and when editing/mixing in N5.5 I am getting gray hairs about the things which are not working like in C5.5 :wink:

Dito here. Can’t do any music-tracking stuff in Nuendo. I still do in older Versions.

I’m running well here in an old setup (not going x64 until UAD2 are x64.
Q6700 Quad Core CPU & 2Gb RAM, SCSI subsystems

actually UAD-2 is 64 bit.

Yes UAD-2 is 64 (UAD-1 is 32)
But all UAD plugins are still 32… as Waves.