Worth upgrading to 6??!

I’m still on Cubase 5.0 and since I’m getting a new DAW computer tomorrow I thought it might be a good idea to upgrade, but is it worth it? I’m not sure, cause I’m not blown away by the updates I’ve read about/seen.

If you had to mention 3 things that you love about 6 that 5 doesn’t have what would they be?

And also, is now a silly time to upgrade at all because there might be a Cubase 7 around the corner in the not so distant future?

Aloha M,

This thread may (or may not) help.



Things I love in 6.5 that are not in 5:

*New UI
*Comp tool and new lane options
*Padshop and Retrologue

Multi track audio timestretch

Oh yes, I forgot about group editing too, that’s another great new feature.

Cubase 6.5 fuses the hitpoint and AudioWarp system and embeds warp quantizing directly into the dedicated Quantize panel.

That’s pretty cool as well.

If you have read about/seen the updates available in 6.5 and don’t think much of them, I see little need in trying to give three things you already know about. If not, there is a very informative set of pages about Cubase 6.5 here: http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/cubase/start.html

The point is, I am only going to answer the main question, is it worth it? Yes.

Regarding the pricing, Steinberg upgrade paths are generally very fair and made in such a way that you pay the same amount of money from whatever point in version you own. The timing (that you referred to as silly, and which I think it is not) of such matter is often harder to cope with, but in your case I don’t think it will matter too much, but that is up to you.

BTW, are you running a 32-bit version of C5 then?

The quality of timestretch makes it worthwhile, IMO, as well as things mentioned above. There are a fair few subtle differences that are pluses too. You can always install 5 and 6 at the same time if you are worried that you may suffer issues with reliability or compatibility.

yeah, I’m on a 7 year old dual core Dell computer with 2 GB ram and XP! it’s time for a serious upgrade which I’ll be getting tomorrow.

Thanks for all your input, I’m gonna upgrade Cubase, especially now that they’ve lowered the price for a month or two I think

+1! I just RECENTLY tried the new time stretching algorithms and I must say, I was impressed! Nice clean results for warping/pitching…I take back my previous statements from other threads. Cubase 4-5 left me VERY disappointed, when trying to pitch/warp.

GrooveAgentONE has a few added features that are nice, like mute/solo on each pad. Loopmash is trash, but has also been added on to, that actually makes it SOMEWHAT useful, imo.

Cant forget about the new Halion SE too, some real nice voices hidden in there! Reminded me of NI! Also the VST Expression…

how about variaudio, is that better in 6 or is it the same?

I believe Variaudio uses the same standard algorithm it did in 5. Ive read somewhere on this forum, that you cannot change it to one of the new ones, I’m afraid. Im also unaware of any other changes to it.

How are you guys doing timestretch? I don’t have any new options in 6 from 4. The new options (elastique) are only available to me for real time “musical mode” stretch. Which is a shame, because they sound better than MPEX on drums at least, where MPEX is uselessly bad. So, the few times I’ve had to use it, I’ve luckily had a straight tempo, defined it…adjusted the tempo…and then rendered the files. But, when I have to perform a manual timestretch, I get no option to use the new algorithms. Most times I need to timestretch something, it’s not to alter the tempo of the whole tune.