wot? cubase - no thanks - too many bits that don't add up!

I want to use cubase as a customer i dont expect to spend a whole weekend staring at a blue screen! there is no-one to ask for help - refund - likely unless something happens! - I have spent £90+ on a piece of software that does not function and having trawled around for over an hour now I can find nothing in this forum that points me somewhere to fin a solution. No I don’t now want to trawl all over youtube. Yes I am cross because MY TIME IS VALUABLE to me. I purchase <Cubase Elements 7 Full Version (Download) > THEN fin I need to get another widget : having installed - reinstalled deleted reinstalled hoped deleted reinstalled and now installed again - I woul rather expect the 2 pieces of software to fin weach other - or is £82 not enough come on tell me what I do now to get a “soft elicense” capability or whatever it is - I just want to use it - I am tempted to go and buy another lexicon omega - that software worked … this is crap service I suppose pay pennies and get proded in the eye ------I am waiting …jon

I agree. I bought a violin and found it did not work immediately after getting out of the box! It sounds awful even though I spend my good money on it! Why should I waste my My VALUABLE FREE TIME ON IT ! I think I want to jump up and down and be angry with you, it feels soo good!

Really: you’ll find this is a friendly and helpful forum. If you post a question, make it as clear as you can and we will probably try to use a bit of our " VALUABLE FREE TIME to help

Blue scream, I mean blue screen? Very rare these days.

WOT Blew spread wraggle frack?

lol :laughing: Yeah, at about 12 years old I got a guitar and couldn’t play the damn thing!

Whether Cubase, Cakewalk or whatever you want to use, which I don’t believe it matters which…it takes time to learn how to use anything, but it’s worth it.

yes it is all very clever of you to poke fun because you all worked it out! - If I buy something I expect it to work - a violin lends itself to being used from the off I expect a piece of software to function - having spent all day following instructions (not easy to find) I find this whole experience stinks of arrogance and secularism.

Background: I have 64 bit pentium dual core e5300 2.6Ghz:it is running win7(vomit)
Problem: I purchased cubase elements 7 (previously I have used LE versions compatible with XP) I have installed it as far as I can make out as I cannot get it to open - it takes me to a cubase LE AI elements license widget. I have started the license game - the one where you repeatedly try and copy and paste the 48 element code into the window. It appears to mull it over and then comes up cubase elements 7 steinberg … in the text window below. you press the continue button and it delights in telling you currently there is no elicenser connected to your computer - I have no “USB elicenser” and I have played the “reinstall the product game” several times to no effect.

The nature of this forum is interesting as I do not doubt the altruistic nature of those folks probably like yourself are kind and interested helpful people BUT - I would like to share some of my frustration with the very clever steinberg people who all solved the wrong problem - really well

The Question Is: How do I get the expensive software to work? (pretty basic heh!)

Buy the dongle

I would expect a shop selling me something TO TELL ME if I needed to buy something else. This is not at all clear Why allow a customer to purchase something THEY CANNOT USE. - Its a bit BOLLOX if that is indeed the answer!

Actually the shop does say.

Yeh I am not 12 thank you. I already use cubase (LE - from lexicon omega I bought) the LE version does everything I want it to - I don’t need all the midi and VST bits - I just use it to record voice and instruments. I can feel a refund coming…

NO this was not made clear - tell me where does it say “oh and you have buy this as well otherwise you have wasted all that money”???

Actually my interpretation of the various pages I have read is that YOU DO NOT NEED A USB DONGLY THINGY for the le/ai version

Quite frankly staring at the rear end of a cow is more productive . . . splat!

You should not need the USB-eLicenser for Elements.

In the eLCC app, do you see a Soft-eLicenser number listed?

If not, you might be experiencing the rare occasion when one is not created. If this is true, you might need to go through this process …

I feel bad for you that things are not going smoothly, but the way you worded your initial post is absolutely pathetic.

Sorry - not displaying my class very well. Apologies to all - I will keep trying and trying and…

I will post here if I solve it.

I like being called ‘clever’ it’s good for my vanity :slight_smile: That’s why I call myself 'platinum blonde


Firstly, my best wishes to you (really) I think there may be a sense of humour somewhere under the surface in your posts :slight_smile:

Dongles: The reason its not in the box is you only need one dongle, for many programs, not one for each.

I use Cubase 7.5 and have never used the other versions, but I would assume that they all need dongles? JMCecil (very experienced) thinks not I believe, he is probably right? Like I say, I don’t know.

Its going to take a few months to learn Cubase, and maybe a few days to set up too, lie back chill… listen to some good music.

I struggled with Cubase for years. Your PC will run Cubase, but with certain things it will struggle- like many tracks…

If you can post your questions like this:

I did step one, step two, step three, then ‘this’ went wrong. Your going to help yourself.

Personally, I don’t know what ‘48 element code’ is.

I thought if you installed a (legit) copy of Cubase without a dongle, it will inform you that the dongle is not found and refuse to open. No blue screens.


OK there is no eLicenser number and this has been frustrating - I realise that Steinberg resort to protect from folks who abuse their creativity BUT…that is not ME. To try and be helpful this is how I sorted it -

1 - deleted ALL cookies from temp folders
2 - cleansed registry making sure to remove anything that referred to previous installs
3 - Re -install eLicense control centre BUT DID NOT RUN IT
4 - DOWNLOADED product
5 - extract THE WHOLE FOLDER (not just what I thought were the relevent bits)
6 - Ran the install file

THIS TIME the program installed itself properly.

7 - I doubled clicked on the cubase - LE Icon
8 - clicked on the tab to activate the license
9 - when the process finished double clicking on the Icon opens cubase

  • PLEASE Mr Steinberg Keep it simple - even enough for ME!

Thank you all for your patience, human nature I suppose. I should have posted this on the LE forum - hope you all had some fun at my expense :slight_smile: - keep up the good work and all that - jon

Welcome to the forum - I hope you will enjoy Cubase, take some time with the tutorial videos on Steinberg’s utube site. Make sure you read the “Getting started” manual

I am interested what class are you?



Yes, welcome to the forum :slight_smile: Honestly I had to laugh as you came out of the gate firing all guns, swinging, kicking & screaming …almost as if it was purposefully comical, so no offense on my reaction above :wink: When I 1st got Cubase I barely even knew how to use a computer…I’m not kidding! On top of buying Cubase, only a few months after buying my 1st computer (a 450 MHz Compaq with 125 MB ram) which wouldn’t run Cubase. So what did I do? I BUILT my own DAW computer, which I’ve never done before. It literally took me MONTHS to figure out how to record a single audio track! Midi, virtual instruments? Never heard of such things, or what they actually do. So I’ve been much WORSE than in your shoes. Stick with it …and most of all stay calm! :slight_smile:

The info you left out of your original post! :blush: :blush: :blush:

Most things don’t work properly, if at all, if you leave bits off them!

Rather than all the registry stuff, etc, this was probably the only thing you had to do to get it working. OR, just install it again properly!!!