Would a new video card help this use case?

I have what I am told is an ‘ancient’ rig… Windows 10. Haswell i7k chip. SSDs for all storage. But I use the onboard video with a single 42" monitor. It works -fine- for my needs in Cubase and WL except for this…

When I open a montage, the graphics appear instantly. The mouse responds. -But- various commands, including the audio playback take up to 15 seconds to start ‘responding’. Once that occurs, everything is peachy.

On the scale of human problems this is about a .000000000000001. But is there something that would make the start-up less confusing?

ie. either the playback starts without the 15 second delay -or- the graphics don’t kick in until the entire program is ready for action?



I was running WL 10 on a machine older and slower than yours. Something is not right in your machine. How much RAM do you have? What version of Windows 10 are you running? When was the last time you ran disk check? What sound card are you using and when was the last time you updated the drivers for the card?? There is something else going on and I don’t think it is WL

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16GB RAM. Latest version of Win10 (according to Windows Update) RME HDSP9654?

Anyhoo, you’re asking me to violate my one rule of old-guy musician: if it ain’t -really- broken? DO NOT EXPERIMENT! :smiley:

Seriously, I try not to even wiggle cables anymore.

I try to wait until there is something truly -broken-.

I was mainly hoping there was a slam dunk “this will work” option. That may seem nutty to you, but I’d rather suffer a bit than risk any unnecessary down time.


This sounds more like an audio device driver issuer than a video card issue.

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