Would anybody like to see Object based editing in Cubase?

I’m doing a complex lengthy voice over project and object editing would really come in handy right about now. I’d love to be able to put an eq on an event tweak it how I need it move on, nice and simple. For this application it’s much easier than using automation or splitting the event off to another track.

It’s not something I might use all the time but having used it in Samplitude, Studio 1 v2 and Reaper it can be very handy at times.

Anybody else?

For that type of stuff I use WaveLab - clip based editing in the montage; ideal for any kind of VO or radio work, IMO. So to answer your question: No, don’t need it in Cubase.

Luck, Arjan

Would be handy.
I can tell you, what I’m doing when I are in the situation to have for example 5 different EQs on a track.
I’m not using automation to automate the EQ settings but to bypass different EQs (plugins).
Maybe that’s a workaround for you!?

Cheers, Matze!

If there are not too many separate Objects, you could just make a new track for every one of them.
I personally don’t think I’d use it much, I think I would get confused with track and object settings and edits.

Am I missing something here? Don’t you just need to use the Range Selection tool, make a selection, and go to Audio --> Plugins and apply the processing of your choice to the selection? You’ll get a full offline process history specific to that event which can be adjusted/removed down to levels of minutiae…

Or are you talking about something else entirely…?

My thought exactly. In fact, I wasn’t even done reading the op, and I was saying, “but you can do that already”. Even if you have one long event, and you only need to apply an effect to part if it, you needn’t open it in the sample ed., and use the range tool - you can more easily slice the event into a smaller event, and the fx will be applied to only that smaller event.

Unless, I am misunderstanding here…

Cubase has something like ‘object based’ editing, not realtime, but via offline-processing.
What I’d really liked to see is the possibiliy to modify the offline effect in a usable way. Cause the ‘preview’-button is greyed out if I re-open the offline process dialogue of that certain effect. Of course I can change values, but I have to re-apply the effect without having listened to it, means without preview. That’s so strange…


I would love to have this.

This sounds like the “clip” based editing style of most video editing apps.
What I do is Export the selection (clip’ object… whatever) as an independent file and add my effects to it. If I later decide I don’t like it I just delete the clip and drag out the original media and start over.
But, personally I prefer just dropping the clip to a new track and using the mixer.

Object edition ala samplitude is an amazing feature. Best thing cubase 7 can have (with a decent freeze)

Probably Steinberg does not want to mess around with that thing, cause with teir ‘traditional’ offline-processing approach they have a good way to keep cpu-spikes controlled, cause a rendered wave-file is used for the offline effects…
For me, again, it would be great if they found a solution for the ‘preview-button-greyed-out-thing’ i mentioned in my earlier post.