Would anyone be willing to share their East West presets & expression maps?

Hello! I’ve been trying to make templates/presets for each instrument in the orchestra using EW Hollywood/Symphonic orchestra, but I’ve spent the past week actually trying to get that to work instead of writing :frowning: If anyone has already made presets for each instrument and the corresponding expression maps and is willing to share them, I’d be forever grateful!

I own both East West Hollywood Gold and Symphonic Orchestra Gold. It is just taking so much time to get this all set up, and some of it isn’t even working, and I am frustrated. If someone out there had pre-made templates & expression maps that would be a huge help :slight_smile:

EDIT: I have tried the expression maps from this website paired with the keyswitch samples: (http://www.rivetedstudios.com/download/eastwestquantum-leap/).They don’t seem to work anymore, and some articulations do not play back properly. Also, dynamics do not play back at all.

There are a few EW expression maps you can download from the Steinberg web site. Go to: Support—> Downloads—> Sound Content & Accessories (Choose “Expression Maps for VST Expression”). Not a lot of them but maybe they can help you as a starting point or reference.

Every now and then I come back and try expression maps but they’ve not hooked me yet. I still find key switching faster and more straightforward.