would be nice if the save window responded to default Mac (+PC) keyboard commands

despite using wavelab for years now, out of muscle memory, i keep finding myself hitting COMMAND-UP/DOWN ARROW when i’m saving a file to navigate in and out of different folders… these are the default Mac navigation controls in every save dialog box.

i think computer users are so used to using standard dialog boxes that i always question why some software developers try to develop their own…

that being said, is it possible for wavelab (or maybe it already exists?) to be able to use keyboard commands to navigate it’s saving area?

Are you using the file browser in WaveLab? Or have to selected the option for WaveLab to use the native MacOS file selector. (See attachment).

My brain can’t handle the native WaveLab file/folder navigator so use the MacOS one and between that and Default Folder X software, I really feel like I can fly around when opening/saving/rendering in WaveLab. I don’t think I’d change a thing.

i do actually have that checked but i’m talking more about SAVING files… when i save a file i am presented with this screen:

and it’s there i wish i could use keyboard commands to navigate around folders… yes, once i click the 3rd dropdown menu to change locations i am presented with a regular OSX dialog box, which is great, but i wish that WL’s native file browser responded to keyboard commands…

Interesting. Whether I’m saving a montage file or audio file, this is the type of box I get. I basically never see or have to use the WaveLab internal file browser which is too busy for me.

Justin is getting his screen because the related option is activated in the UI preferences. I don’t have wavelab in front of me to quote the exact option name.

yes, i get that screen as well, and when i click the location i’m presented with a Mac OS window. which is great… but i’m talking about navigating directly from the screen that i posted above, but with keyboard commands… without the need to click on that location drop down…

this is small, nitpicky stuff… i know! :smiley: