Would D3 without the vst engine run faster?

I don’t need playback at all, but the vst engine gives me a lot of problems with starting Dorico. Licensing errors, hangs etc. I’m wondering if implementing a general on/off switch for the playback engine could make Dorico faster and more responsive for users like me.

It would make the application start up more quickly, certainly, and it would reduce the time it takes to switch between projects, but realistically you wouldn’t be much better off than simply setting your default playback template to ‘Silence’.

I did set the playback template to “Silence”, but I still had to remove all VSTs and the reverb manually. Given that the vst engine is the main source of problems with starting Dorico on my system, I just wish I didn’t have to load it at all.

Setting the playback template to silence should remove all the plugins. If it hasn’t then that suggests to me that you’ve just changed the preference (via Preferences > Play, which affects new projects) rather than applying it to the current project. Choose Play > Playback Template > Silence to apply to the project too, and that should remove all the plugins.

yes, I only changed it via Preferences, didn’t realize this wasn’t the right choice. Thanks for the explanation Paul.