Would learning to play drums be easier than learning GA5?

I have used BFD, Battery, and sample libraries for many years, writing my own drum parts. I used to also use GA2 for songwriting due the fact that I was up and running in seconds. I just read a significant chunk of the GA5 manual. Dozens of steps, arcane buttons and functions, opaque operating methods. Failing to make any music after many hours, on 3 or 4 sessions, spanning a couple of years.

I watched a couple of hours of tutorials on youtube this past week. I’m no closer to making music with it.

GA2 was unique and wonderful.
GA5 is absurd.

Please just make GA2 work again. I promise I’ll never bother you again.

Zelf vind ik het een geweldig instrument met ongekende mogelijkheden, vandaar dat het misschien wat langer duurt. Opstarten en preset laden en indien gewenst midipatroon naar een track slepen. Succes