Would like a list of Sounds of Soul presets please!

I saw, I bought … and then I was totally confused.

When I buy a new VST sound package, the first thing I do is run through all the presets; however, since the Sounds of Soul is an add-on to Retrologue, it is difficult to tell the new sounds from the 700+ that already exist.

Steinberg, I love you guys - but this is one of the (very few) thorns in my side that doesn’t have to be. Will such documentation be available soon, or am I going to have to rough it? Thanks. :cry:

I’d like a list too :smiley:

OS? DAW (Cubase?) version?

For Windows 7 64/Cubase 7 64 …

If you go to select a preset from within the Retrologue GUI, what do you see? You might need to set up your window layout to show the file location tree (see attachment).

Navigate to the location of the Sounds of Soul presets and click on it. You should now see only the presets from that collection. I’m getting 439 presets for Sounds of Soul.

For Windows 7 64 the location is Local Disk (C:) -> ProgramData -> VST3 Presets -> Steinberg Media Technologies -> Retrologue -> Sounds of Soul.
Retrologue Preset Browser.jpg

Thanks for the info. My tree looks nothing like that though. The Cubase preset system including installation seems to be very haphazard and all over the place :confused:

I would also like to thank you, Scab. I knew about sorting by library names in the HALion instruments but did not know about this method. It works very nicely for Padshop and Retrologue expansions which don’t appear to be otherwise sortable by library, like the HALion instruments.

@ Armadillo. Maybe you could post a screen shot. Mine looks just like Scab’s with the Padshop Zero Gravity expanision (I don’t have the Retrologue expansion). It is very clean with just the Factory folder and the Zero Gravity folder.


I get it now, I’ve not been checking the install for all users when installing soundsets do they have gone into program data VST3 presets Doh!

I have just bought this sound set and was really surprised when I could not find any short manual about sounds, even sound list!!! To be clear, I have bought several sound sets that were made by Dave Polich. Along with high quality of sounds there are also a manuals where you could find some notes about every particular sound, like how to play it, on what instrument it was used/played and even what performer have used it and in which song!! The prices for those sound sets I’m talking about are not higher (exactly $35). So, I am really disappointed to find that I have spent 30EUR for sounds that I even don’t know how many of them there are after installation. I found after deep search under hidden folders to look if I have anything installed after setup. Yes, when I select all files in that folder I could count the number of sounds, but come on! I have paid for that! I will think carefully next time whether to buy a sound set from Steinberg!!


How are those sounds anyways?

Sounds are great, esp. if you like music from previous ages.
All sounds are recignizable.I mean you’ve heard them in some hits.
I found that every sound set made by Dave Polich is great.


I like them some great sounds and as mentioned above many of them are instantly recognizable :smiley:

Do any of you guys know which preset from Sounds of Soul was used to play the Demo Phrase on the following link taken from the Sounds of Soul website: