Would like to have an "all midi devices" option on layers as MIDI input

My current setup with Akai VIP (VST Live alternative from AKAI which is not supported any more…): I use several MIDI controllers on stage, and for maximum flexibility I assigned each of them a separate MIDI channel. No further configuration on the hardware. All other preset and automation stuff happens inside my VST host. With Akai VIP this is possible because they allow to configure a layer to accept MIDI from any MIDI device on a certain channel. This has numerous advantages:

  • I can easily replace a (broken) MIDI device/controller, the only thing I need to do is assign a MIDI channel and play

  • I can use multiple MIDI controllers for the same layer (eg play a solo on my keytar, which is connected to another MIDI device, when the stage allows me to, but also just stay behind my keyboards and play my solo from there)

In VST Live this is not possible because I can only select one input MIDI device per layer (or nc). If technically possible, it would be nice to have an “all midi devices” option there so the layer accepts MIDI from any device on a certain channel (or all channels if needed)

Good point. We are working on port groups (not just MIDI, and not just inputs).

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I actually had the same requirement because I use different midi controllers in different locations. There is a way to do it in the current version: using a virtual midi device:

In “Devices > Connections” I created a new midi output:

I create 2 layers for 2 controllers of which the output first goes to the Virtual midi devices (midi group). All other layers will then have this device as input…

Good one!
The built-in Virtual MIDI are actually “cables”; what you send out VM1 appears at the input of VM1. This way you can also automate by sending from a MIDI track to VM1 Out, and receive on VM1 in, for instance automate mixer volume by aplying an action in “Actions and Shortcuts” that listens to VM1 In.