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Congratulations with update steinbergmediađź–¤
Last summer I worked with your wonderful software and I implemented many of my projects thanks to you!
For the perfect Cubasis left :

Fix MiniSampler ( my list of presets is just littered due to the fact that in order to work with 808 - you need to save each wav as a preset every time , is it really impossible to work with sample without saving a preset ? Is it possible to add two mode I. Working with a sample II . Creating an instrument )
I have created several packs of presets for Mini-Sampler, but none of the “VST” sees the folders, so they are all in a heap and mixed, and to find any preset, you have to scroll through the entire list.

Fix automation so that it is convenient to use ( because it is really terrible )

Finally add your synthesizers to the store … On the android platform there are only three tools to work with , and the same type of drum machines ( which again do not work with imported samples )

Slide-notes, This is already version 3.5.1 and slide-notes are not implemented yet.

Autotune I think it makes no sense to beg (hello Image-Line). This is not a criticism, i really love Cubasis and Stienberg. I’m glad that the project has not died and updates have become more frequent, but it seems that Stienberg do not hear us.

question: will any of the problems I listed be implemented in version 3.5.2?

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“the same type of drum machines ( which again do not work with imported samples )”

What do you mean here?
Do you want to import samples into any of the drum machines or that the mini sampler and a drum machine cant run side by side?

Yes, i would like to upload my wavs to the drum machine! Now about slide notes: Such a genre as drill can be generally excluded from the prospects of working in Cubasis due to the fact that drill is built on 808 slides. Mini-Sampler: To work with a sample in it, you need to save a preset, which is why after a few projects, the preset list is clogged. Is it really impossible without saving on the principle of choosing and forgetting? At the same time, separately create two modes “Working with a sample” and “Create an instrument”

Hi @Michael_Martys,

Yes, i would like to upload my wavs to the drum machine!

The included MiniSampler instrument allows exactly to do this, quickly and easily.

Below please find a great tutorial produced by MobileMusicPro.

Hope that helps!


I got the feeling he wants to import wavs into the “classic machines”…
Hence the difference between “drum pads” and “drum machine”

I do have to say that i back his idea for a way to create instrument outside of a project, either in cubasis or thru a seperate app. It’s a bit atrocious to have to go into a project to create and save an instrument.

Also he asks for a way to use an sample/instrument that only excists within 1 project and doesnt show up in the overall instrument index as using a sample for a song might only be needed for that specific song especially for people who make hiphop music which often is set on using different samples for different songs.

To avoid cluttering in the instrument index in the media bay it would be good if we had sub categories in the instrument index so we dont have scroll endlessly to find a desired (selfmade) instrument for those who made/make a bunch of instruments.


Right!!! I want to work with the sample without saving it to the list of my instruments. (Mini Sampler)
I’m also trying to pay attention to slide-notes and the introduction of new synthesizers, this will greatly expand the possibilities in Cubasis3

That’s how it works in Image-Line, you don’t have to save every single hi-hat or 808 in the sampler to work with it in the Piano roll, you don’t end up with a junk preset file.
In Stienberg, if you work with a hi-hat or 808, after 20 projects, the number of your instruments is overflowing.

Theoretically you can do the same with automating the pitch in cubasis then you only need 1 hihat and slide the pitch up and down per hihat stroke.

Are you joking?