Would SB be interested..?

Looks quite innovative software… they are asking for help/investors.

Maybe Steinberg might make an enquiry…? A tool like this could be useful (creative) in lots of spaces (as extra feature integrated inside w/lab, Nuendo, Cubase… hell, maybe even in a ‘light’ version in Sequel…!!). ok, I’m joking with that last bit…

I’m not reading that it has to be a standalone product. Or am I wrong about that…? In which case maybe SB wouldn’t be that keen, considering range/number of current portfolio.


Does not Wavelab already incorporate spectral editing?

Have you had a look at what they’re doing…? W/lab’s got what now seems like the basics (in comparison) for sure; they’ve moved it right on… :wink:

The clues in the title I think - Spectral_Layers_

Nifty. Look forward to seeing it progress :sunglasses:

wow that is niffty ,what with that and the new more advanced melodyne(for chord adjustment) and the most stable cubase in bloody mega years that is some sonic manipulating arsenal and the world should be your oyster !

im happy just to purchase it as a standalone ! :smiley:

great sales pitch ! :laughing:

Wow! :open_mouth:

Ableton Live

Yamaha/Steinberg, who are you going to lose this one to? :stuck_out_tongue:

ooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr … :sunglasses:

Just the background music in the video is enough to make me buy that :sunglasses:

Wow!.. That would be freakin’ awesome to have in Cubase!!! :ugeek:

Looks good.
Too bad there is no way to buy or even try it out (yet).

Lets hope soon.