Would Team members please address this major problem

I posted in another topic about the 01V96i major problem, one that stops all further progress in getting Nuendo and the 96i to link. Now, I see the problem listed world wide, without ever anyone getting back to say that it was resolved, let alone how…

I, and many in frustration, do consider themselves experienced users. I have had Nuendo since 1.0. I have successfully used AD/DA such as presonus and others, over the years.

Reading all the hype by both Yamaha and Steinberg, I just bought the 01V96i. After detailed installing, reinstalling, use of 32 vs 64, etc, I, like the others who I read about, am stopped with:
’ 01v96i has gone Off-line and is waiting for MIDI input’ —

It does not matter whether any midi is used anywhere, or not. In most cases, and in my case, only the USB cable is used, to go directly to the host PC.

It is important that a team member from either Steinberg or Yamaha jump in and settle this problem. In my case, I cannot tolerate the 3 - 9 month interval that I see occurring with others who have this problem.

PC, Windows 7, Intel i7 @975, Nuendo 5.5.5

This may or may not be relevant, but a lot of people don’t understand that you could run MIDI down a “cable” made of coathangers if you wanted to (and really had no life).

While the 5-pin DIN connector is a part of the MIDI standard, MIDI is primarily a protocol; a “language” two devices use to communicate with each other.

In fact, the majority of the “newer” MIDI devices don’t have 5-pin DIN connectors, but instead are using “MIDI over USB”. And almost every music store carries MIDI-to-USB cables.

Since most non-proprietary control surfaces use MIDI to communicate with the DAW, the "01v96i has gone Off-line and is waiting for MIDI input" error message may in fact mean exactly what it says, and it’s a good guess that you are dealing with a driver or setup problem…

Thanks Bill. Other indications, were that the USB, itself, could momentarily supply any minor midi commands. There are choices that were, indeed, made during the prescribed setup, and on the Yamaha itself, that looked like the USB was going to provide ALL, at least for surface control… Still, it hangs at the point of the written warning.

The latest Yamaha Steinberg USB driver, the latest 96i driver, and the latest Studio Manager, actually even going back in generations for my own trials, then trying the 32 bit Studio Manager - that the Deustch said worked with Cubase.

And the Nuendo does see all those choices, make them, acknowledges the extremely low latency USB (evidently the mixer’s own onboard software takes on a lot of load)(which is multiple times better than firewire 400 at my location).

All enough to cause drool… Then it just immediately comes up with the quoted error.

So, Yamaha/Steinberg, I am looking for the magic key. We should not have to go through this, especially for a product that was designed to be synchronous by conjoined hosts. Time is more than money. When I see notes like mine, with 6 and 9 months between, by the same owner, I feel I must abandon the game. *Evidently, some owners are so happy with the road duty, and do so little DAW, that they can tolerate such failure. I will use it 100% for fixed DAW.

And, I would so love for Yamaha/Steinberg to show me the errors of my ways !!! Would really love it. On all the other blogs, everyone was thinking that it could be as simple as a single toggle in either Nuendo or the mixer. That is HOPE.

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE AND ANSWER for anyone trying to get their Yamaha 01V96i setup with Nuendo.
Dealer failed. Nuendo troubleshooter failed. Was ready to pack it up and send it back. Then the west coast (USA) Yamaha Pro Audio support contacted me. I worked with “Mike”. He immediately took remote control of my entire system over the net. Insurmountable problems, to others, were no problem at all, to him. He moved so quickly through Nuendo (yet, he is an apple man) and the 96i that I could just barely track what was happening on the screen. That was OK, because Mike was a teacher, and went back through everything in detail. And those details, as necessary as they are, are NOT in your setup instructions. From this point on, I would advise everyone, who gets the error that all of us got, or just have some other problem, to skip other sources, including Nuendo support. Go straight to Yamaha Pro Audio. Call 714-522-9011 (8:30A - 5P PST) You will save yourself grief, time and prevent product misconceptions.