would this work ?

hi there,

i currently have an alphatrack and im considering getting this -


and this -


to go with it,

the icon controller has 12 rows of 5 buttons ( excluding the last row of round buttons that i’ll get to in a minute) where i plan on using the generic remote to select track 1 - 12 in which case the alphatrack would take control of the selected track and also to open/close insert 1 - 4 on track 1 - 12 in which case the nocturn with the automap software would take control.

anyone think of any reason why this wouldn’t work ?

for the last row of round buttons i wondered if there was any way to use them to simply scroll through different generic remotes, dont think i would need more as i rarely use more than 12 tracks anyway but knowing the option is there or not is useful, if not then i would use this last row to select the master out.

this setup if it would work would suit me pretty well as i rarely use more than 12 tracks and 4 inserts per track and along with key commands i could have pretty quick navigation around the parts of cubase i use the most and with the alphatrack to write automation thats the two biggest reasons for midi control aint it ? …quick navigation and writing automation