Would you be happy if Cubase 8 offered Pattern-Based Seq. ?


I just wanted to feel the pulse of Cubase users on this topic.

Q. Would you be happy if Cubase 8 offered a Pattern-Based sequencing feature as an additional feature/option ?

My answer is : YES, I would love it if Cubase 8 had a Pattern-Based Sequencing Feature.


what do you mean by pattern based sequencing?

Aloha M,

Do you mean kinda like after all these years building the old pre Cubase;
‘Creator/Notator’ back into Cubase?

Interesting idea.

Yes :bulb:

Pattern-Sequencing similar to what Ableton Live, the upcoming Bitwig Studio, and FL Studio 11 offer.

i.e. Building your song by dragging in patterns you assemble, and getting interactive with your ideas as you build and hear your composition develop. When Cubase was a little baby it had this type of functionality. I wonder why they decided to take it out later on when it began to mature ? :slight_smile:

yeah, group tracks were in Cubase Atari 2.0 and they were so simple, obvious yet extremely powerful and versatile in their own funny way. And you could have Parts playing back from more than one Arrangement window. To this day I haven’t seen a better program given the platform and tech specs and I’m amazed what they did with that toy computer!!!

“Build group” was CTRL+U I think :laughing:

I’ve tried to use this allegedly great pattern based Ableton (I have some Lite version I got bundled with some hardware, but a full version is kind of the same in this regard) but it just won’t catch fire, it’s like driftwood for me. I’m in the state of meaning to try again some day, but I’ve been there and done that and maybe it’s not for me. I’ll try again some day, promise haha :blush:

But the Group Tracks in C8 … !!! :sunglasses:

I may be rather thick, but I still don’t understand what the feature request means. I already build whatever patterns I need. It’s called composing. What would this feature do differently?


it’s kind of like the arranger track but with all of the benefits and then some, and non of the shortcomings.
I guess it’s like one of those things somebody can write a book about and not until you see it in action you get it. :wink:

Negative, no, niet, nein, non, nay, nai, nei, nej I do not want that.

I think you’re right. To me the Arranger track is a useless feature. :wink:


Aw, c’mon, your enthusiasm is a little lackluster! We’ll never get it into C8 with thatspirit! :slight_smile:

I suggested a VST Groove Box, with lots of patterns like a 303… As for pattern based Sequencing we already have Step Designer & Beat Designer… Which already offer that but I would welcome it if they would offers lots of presets. In other words if you could get the same results as the EDM Tool Box.

Oh, OK. I think I got how it works now. I haven’t used fruityloops for 10 years! Took me a little to catch on.

I’m indifferent on it. I’m sure it could be a interesting feature, but why not just use Abelton or FL as the gui layout looks totally optimized for this type of workflow?

Rewire it! :mrgreen:

Yeah, I’ve set it up with Rewire. Doesn’t mean I like it more, though. It’s still Ableton :laughing:

Why No ?

Pattern-Based Sequencing feature would be an added OPTION/FEATURE to use, if you don’t like to use it, go LINEAR and you won’t even notice any Pattern-Based Sequencing being present :slight_smile:

So, I don’t see why you are so against it.

I’m all for it !

Yeah, it can be done in a non intrusive way with most code already in place? It’s not like this need some hi tech audio algorithms nobody has even heard of yet to work either. It’s just rearranging code to show stuff in an alternative way.

I’m trying to figure out why I don’t think the Arranger Track works as it should on the creative level (my idea of it). I think it’s because it’s not really pattern based and not really linear but semi linear, maybe? You’re still stuck on the time line, only with blocks of music played back. You miss being able to set up your patterns in what ever way you want and then keep layering on top of that.

There’s also no way to NOT have a complete section with all the tracks playing back. In the old Cubase Group Tracks you could set up your locators and select the Parts you wanted for a Group, then you build the group of the selected parts. Then you could keep your locators at the same place and build another Group with some Parts which was also in the first group and some parts which were not. So you could have a series of Groups going from simple to complex, then build a song from them by drag and dropping Groups on a Group Track in any order or number of instances you liked.

You could start working in one open Arrangement window and build your groups, then open a new window and insert a Group Track and drag and drop your Groups there. Over that and bellow in the window you could add more actual Tracks to play along with and record on. In a way it was amazingly intuitive and simple to manage and you felt you had absolute control. You could just leave those Parts, Tracks and Groups there (without either urge or need to flatten anything) and that was your Project. And that was in a freakin’ Atari! It’s also in Cubase VST32, before they turned Cubase into a Nuendo wannabe …

Comparing the Arranger Track to that level of control and freedom, you are just stuck with those blocks. You can use it in the beginning of a project for mapping out how you want sections to repeat and then flatten that and keep working linearly. The thing is that it’s even not really worth the hassle of setting up Arranger Tracks just to flatten your still simple project.

Compared to Ableton Live the old Cubase Group Tracks also had the advantage of not having that “messy other view” where you set up all your parts that I forgot the name of, but I think you access it with the TAB key, knowaddamean? In Cubase it was all in a little overlay list at the right side of the project window, which you could show/hide. All of the other work was done in the main arrangement window, except if you had another arrangement window open. But if you like Ableton you might find that other window the best thing since sliced bread.

“Would you be happy if Cubase 8 offered Pattern-Based Seq. ?”
Yep!!! :sunglasses:

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naw, loopmash in this context is a red herring? :confused:

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