Would you like it if you were able to buy Steinberg products with crypto currency?

  • Yes
  • No

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Hello Jerome… welcome to the community! I’m glad this post was your first post in the forum! I’d love it as well! And I don’t see why someone would oppose Steinberg accepting Crypto… I would like to hear the opinion of the people who voted against this.

I don’t use cryptocurrency for anything. I don’t see the advantage in making an exception for Steinberg. A cryptocurrency tutorial sounds like a hassle, which dollar transfers from my bank account are not.

Note: the “cryptocurrency tutorial” was mentioned in a now-deleted post.

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Cryptocurrency is a Ponzi scheme and total scam.


I didn’t say that I was opposed to Steinberg accepting crypto. The original question was whether I’d like it if Steinberg gave me a crypto option. If other people want a cryto option, that’s a different thing – i.e. I don’t care.

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