Would you like to have Windows 7 again as supported OS for H

Would you like to have Windows 7 again as supported OS for H6?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t mind

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Let’s see what users think about it…

it works in win 7…

… but steinberg will not help with any problems you might get. Having support is really important.

Some companies even give you the Software for free (also for commercial use) and only sell the support - thats how important it can be!

Windows 7 - Tak !!!

a) the method and way that steinberg decided to disassociate WIN7-64 bit support from its already existing/main H5 user base, is just downright rude, inconsiderate, and sly !
b) just coz it runs != supported, these are totally different
c) content developers looking to publish sound content will not be (officially in a supported sense) be able to deploy to [win7 platforms that are running (proTools, Sonar, Studio1, etc) with the use of HS3-SE ]
d) I will not purchase H6 until SB announce that it is supported on WIN7 platform
e) I would expect at least a media announcement from SB, apologizing to its core WIN7 OS platform users in how they have been ignored and mistreated. - I do not believe that this is unrealistic .

I second that with all the 72 Kg of my body.

What the clever people who voted “no” in this poll don’t seem to realise is by not supporting win 7, content developers are losing out on about 40% of sales.

This isn’t a problem / solution that is just confined to your pc or mac.

Would love Windows 7 support as Cubase 9 is supported & recently updated to that.

Shouldn’t that be “okien siedem - tak !!!” :smiley:

It would be interesting / fair that at least those ones who vote for “no” add a brief comment/explanation on that…

Yes win7 please

It’s a pity that it is not possible to have this thread in evidence so that anyone accessing this forum can read it: do you know if there is the risk that if one voted but added no reply to the thread it then the thread could be shifted to the following pages and getting lost?

Seems like a no brainer. Win 7 has more users than Win 8 and Win 10 combined. Heck, it has more users than almost all other operating systems combined. Seems like a huge loss in revenue if they don’t do it.

If you reference to https://www.netmarketshare.com/ it will show the “Desktop Top Operating System Share Trend”.
Unfortunately I am not able to show you the graph directly in this post but at January 2017 the results are:

Windows 7 - 47,20 %
Windows 10 - 25,30% (approx the half…)
Windows XP - 9,17% (Mytical!!!)
Windows 8.1 - 6.90%
Mac Os 10.12 - 2.75% (just for reference)

think about that…

I just running my OS on W10.
No problems just stable.
Why still use W7?

It’s the same thing with W XP to W7.
Every one would not go to W7 when thy running XP

If it’s not broke don’t fix it. Ive been running WIndows 7 for a long time now and I haven’t had a single crash it’s really stable.

I would like to see Windows 7 supported although I remember back in the day I ran Halion Sonic on XP when XP wasn’t supported anymore so I’m probably going to try to upgrade next week anyway on Windows 7 service pack 1.

Yes Win 7 support please.

Wasn’t SB going to get back to us this week about win7 support?

Hi kimbo72, my two pence on yor question: “why still use w7?”

  1. If you ever reach a “stable win10” configuration, since you cannot prevent its automatic update, you always run the risk that one day everything is “dead” (I also have W10 on an other PC - who I dont’use for music - but, for instance, after 2 years, I still have no working bluetooth drivers…)

  2. Those who, like me, use old “expensive” music hardware board (creameare soniccore etc…) had drivers only for Win7 which cannot be used in Win10 (due to signature issue I suppose) therefore you have to buy everything once again

  3. I don’t see any “enancement” in Win10 which can somehow improve Win7 experience (like actually it is changing from 32bit to 64bit OS) , unless you like “tablet” style interfance and stuff like that

Furthermore, I think it is quite ridicoulus to use a rule like “compatibility only for the last two OS” while Win 8/8.1 has lived less than one year each… I suggest to use “compatibility for the last OS+for the most used OS”

Read someplace a couple of weeks ago that the latest batch of CPU from Intel only supprt WIN10… could be the same reasoning for SB to only support WIN10, to better use the multithreading thing with a package like HAL6?

Just wondering…