Wouldn´t be cool to be able to select the Rupert Neve Design

Wouldn´t be cool to be able to select the Rupert Neve Designs 5033/5043 EQ and Compressor, integrated in Cubase 7, as the “default EQ” with included C7-EQ frequency-analyzer and use the compressor in the “Channel strip” as a extra choice compressor choice?

No need of open the plugin version with Cubase 7 and Nuendo 6. :wink:

You can then also control the NEVE-EQ & the Compressor with example the CMC QC-controller too. Map out and ready for use.

Just a though! :slight_smile:

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ive wanted this for a while

as a free update ? :smiley:

$teinberg needs to catch up in that department. All the other major DAWs out there are offering a far better plugin selection, but I wouldn’t get my hopes very high when it comes to $teinberg.

Hi Freddie

I wrote this here: Steinberg Forums when I was only able to access the Welcome mat forum.

What I would like is a complete revamp of the Inspector, as well as an overhaul of the mixer racks for sends and integration for VST3 plugins such as SSL and Rupert Neve Designs, not only in the racks themselves but also to be available via the inspector for audio and VST outputs.

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FREE!!! Yeah why not! :sunglasses:

Add all NEVE + Yamaha plugins for free in Cubase 7! That would be something! :mrgreen:

Don’t be Modest … there is no sampler that comes with cubase… they should also include free Halion 5 :unamused: :smiley:

… but seriously would be nice to have in Ch strip somthing like Slate digital Vcc -waves Nls or bootsy rescue// something that emulates analog mixer sound… to be honest i never tried Nls or Vcc but user says it makes difference in mix depth etc…

i used Bootsy Rescue though on one mix recently … it add some sense of warmness and depth to the mix…

you should be able to select and make ANY vst eq the default EQ when you open the channel strip. bypassing the whole need to put the eq on an insert for the whole session in one swoop. less mouse moves and button taps. more USER FRIENDLY.