Wouldn't Change A Day *UPDATED*

Very nice! The mix sounds especially balanced to me on first listen

Very nice, I love the counter point done at end. It’s almost there on mix to (but it’s never there till it’s pressed right?). A little less compression would help maybe…but it is really killing!

Thanks to you all for listening again (Scott, Lenny, Desert, Ferencz, Mr. M). Giving some thought to the opening melody and piano backing; got similar comments about stiffness and lack of feeling from family members. I had purposely left the guitar unadorned for a simple plaintive effect, but I’ll think again. Thanks a lot for the help.

A great composition, really got into it.

Agree that there is something not quite perfect about the ac.guitar,
sweet as the part is. If anything, I found it a bit too proud in the mix.
I’d like more string noise, too, which is why it sounds a bit “not real”?

Beatles-esque in parts, and very enticing.


Thanks for the listen, Jet. I’m thinking I need to re-track the guitar, maybe in a livelier room, maybe farther from the mic, maybe play the melody with my fingernails instead of a pick. Appreciate the help.

Great song, Early!

Really like the guitar melody in this, sweet!

Early, I think you’ve got a real talent for an interesting tune and for a good arrangement. I’ve read the other comments about the acoustic guitar. I don’t think there’s any problem with the tone, but I do think it starts off sounding almost quantised - perhaps a touch too much on the beat and not fluid enough (unlike the electric solo).

Great stuff.


Thanks for listening, Sav and Steve. I appreciate the feedback. I am working out a finger-picked opening melody on the acoustic, which I think may help.