Wouldn't it be nice...

If you could disable all the functions and features that you did not use in preferences and they are not loaded when you use Cubase. You could then design Cubase to work for you and perhaps have a more streamlined DAW. Perhaps Cubase could be modular. For instance a recording/tracking version or a mixing/mastering version. Just dreaming…

Perhaps worth a feature request.

Dreams… They don’t want give us even customisable menus like in Nuendo.

What else can we do but dream?
However if you imagine a scenario that working as a composer you wanted to configure Cubase for working with your East West Sample Libraries. So you organise Cubase to exclude all the things that you do not want. Synths, plugins and functions that you will not use. You could have mixers configured how you want them - perhaps a different mixer for each section of the orchestra.

I suppose it would be like a template except that the stuff you will not use will be excluded when Cubase is started up. Perhaps you could create a secondary start-up icon…for instance Cubase Orchestral that would start-up your preferred Cubase version. Perhaps all the resources of the computer could be focussed into what you want rather than a ton of stuff that you are never going to use.

I never use Halion Sonic SE, so I don’t install it - I certainly don’t miss it. I never use Groove Agent so I certainly would not miss that. If you decide you want to add something you can go back to the structural preferences. If you don’t use Control Room - exclude it. You would be able to work in a much more streamlined way.

Oh yes!!
I’m dreaming of it sinds they introduced 5.1 surround in Cubase.
It’s gonna be a advanced tape-machine here!


+1 please.

Yes, it’d be nice to see something like the Windows features list where you can add/remove the various available features. This would also quite nicely tie up with another feature which has been suggested in the past, that is having add-on features we can pay for (e.g. some of the Nuendo features). So, combine all this into an install manager then we know what we’ve got installed (i.e. we can see we have the latest Sb plugin set, or the latest set of Halion presets which we purchased last week) and we can change the installation set whenever we like - all in one place.