WOW a brand new my Steinberg

I must say it looks very snazzy

good job Steinberg


Tho’ from here it seems just the (1st) ‘log-on’ page has changed.
The following pages seem to be the same as before.

Perhaps this is just the start of more changes to come.

Go ‘Steiny’.

nope it’s all changed this end , maybe they take you off line again soon for the update . :wink:

It’s more touch screen friendly . please don’t apply this to C 7

Ma bad!

I can see clearly now.


did you move that glass to the other eye? :laughing:

Looks good :slight_smile:

Looks great but how do you enter an eLicenser?

yep ive just tried absolutely everything I can think of and if I go to register the spare dongle ive got via the elicenser you have to register software to it before you can add the dongle to the account but when I try it’s telling me my dongle number is not correct .


right ,
go to > registration on your licenser program > choice your dongle and click register ,
This will send you to My Steinberg and ask you to enter either an activation code or your elicenser , if you enter the elienser serial number it then registers , pretty neat ! :wink:


First of all, thank you for all the nice words. We really appreciate it.

Concerning the eLicenser-registration: We want to avoid the direct registration of your eLicenser, as we think, that users rather think in terms of software than in terms of license container. Therefore the registration of your eLicenser is done via “add software”. Instead of asking yourself “how to add the eLicenser” you should think of “how to add the software to my account” :wink:

For soft-eLicenser: If you request activation codes for bundled software (Cubase LE, Cubase AI, Sequel 3 LE…) you need to enter a soft-eLicenser anyway. If this soft-eLicenser has not been assigned to your account, it will be done now at the latest.
If you request an activation code via a Download Access Code, we will track this activation code for seven days. If we see that it has been used on an eLicenser that is not assigned to your account yet, then it will automatically appear in your account.
If you just want to register a soft-eLicenser for the sake of having it in your account. Just click on add software and choose any retail version (e.g. Cubase) and put it in there. The only action behind adding a retail version in “add new software” is registering the eLicenser.

The same applies if you want to add an USB-eLicenser. Click on any retail-version and put it in there. It should eventually appear in your account.

Concerning the registration from the eLicenser Control Center, we’re currently working on a more comprehensive way to add your eLicenser, so that you just need to confirm the pre-filled eLicenser-IDs in MySteinberg.

Hope this helps.

Hi fabian,

Are you saying there will be a way to once again register via eLc, rather than via activation code or otherwise software registration from Cubase itself?

On the other hand are SB intending to make something in the control panel, e.g. “a windows control panel applet for eLc” that not only downloads updates to software but also serves a portal function for mysteinberg, as well as working while the application is open.

On top of that, could you please provide cloud services for my projects :slight_smile:

Thanks and love all

How do I view my current Activations. All I am seeing only what I have not yet activated.


It seems like you don’t have any eLicenser assigned to your account. I recommend doing this via the “eLicenser Control Center” - there should be an option like “Register all your eLicenser at MySteinberg”. This should be the easiest way. If you encounter a problem with the registration, just ask me.

So, how does one remove a soft-elicenser from their account then? I see I can remove the USB elicenser with a click, but I have two empty soft-elicensers registered to my account, and no Steinberg software that needs one anymore, but there’s no way to get rid of them. I made a support ticket about it, but never got an email confirming receipt, nor did I ever hear anything back.